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5 Super successful Entrepreneurs and their key beliefs



Successful Entrepreneurs
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‘It takes research, hard work, and capability to take the risk to become successful’. Learn from the stories of these 5 successful entrepreneurs who beat all odds and defied impossible at times to script a never heard before journey to the top. They are not just successful with their net worth but also with the impact they’ve had on the world.

Elon Musk:


Elon Musk. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Founder, Tesla Motors Elon Musk is the founder of, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX. He first came into limelight when SpaceX launched a rocket that would send the first commercial vehicle to the International Space Station. Musk was already a multimillionaire in his late 20s.

The only Mantra he has followed in his professional life is to “Never Give Up”. SpaceX has failed multiple times, but Elon hasn’t let that bog him or his team down.

‘If you try doing something new, that is the best you can’. He advises young entrepreneurs to work as hard as possible and defines failure as the first step to success.

Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Founder, of the e-commerce giant, Amazon Inc. Jeff, the world’s first centibillionaire became the world’s richest man using these 4 steps:

– Timely Built Good Products

– Timely purchased new companies

– Timely Investment in companies

– Network Growth

He says that passion is a gift, which eventually can be your calling.

Jack Ma:

Jack Ma

Jack Ma. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Founder,, Jack Ma was rejected 10 times from Harvard University. After graduation, he was rejected from 30 places where he applied for jobs. Maa also tried to get into the police, but the response he received was “You are no good”.

But he was not the one to complain, no matter how hard life got. Alibaba was founded after many learning’s. Maa has been clear about their ethos and believes in “Don’t hate your competitors, learn from them”. Learning from mistakes helps the best to grow.

Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet. (Photo Source: Twitter)

CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren was the single most successful investor of the 20th century. He believes that reading is the key. He reads around 5-6 hours a day. The more you read, the better you understand the trend. According to him, if you know how you wish to run your business, you must hire people of the same dedication. Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy are what Warren focused on even while hiring.

Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey. (Photo Source: Twitter)

American Media Executive, OWN, “Change your thought, change your circumstances”. Oprah Winfrey believes in, making a decision that flows from her truth. Work like you badly want it and success is not so far. Be positive in whatever you do and always ask yourself why are you doing it, if you have an answer, you are going great.