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Abdullah Al Kobeissy aims to set a networking company that will help individuals reach new horizons.



Abdullah Al Kobeissy
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Abdullah Al Kobeissy is a 22-year-old well-established entrepreneur who has made a huge name for himself in the web-based industry. He has tremendous knowledge of the workings of the industry and valuable experience that has helped him attain wide success in his businesses. He is now sharing his remarkable and fool proof framework to success through his self-made course, ECOM HQ. Being in the E-Commerce business for quite a while and learning about it has helped him to gain increased profits around the clock. He was keen enough to decipher the code to flourish in the industry and now aims at imparting his wisdom to help other people do the same.

Kobeissy is committed to helping more and more people gain monetary security and live a higher quality of life. The course named ‘ECOM HQ’ strives to help others establish themselves in this competitive world through web-based businesses. Online buying and selling have become an integral part of many people’s everyday lives.  Private businesses, as well as customers, have embraced online sales due to its convenience and proficiency to be on the cheaper side. Here’s where Kobeissy’s impressive course comes into play. This program offers individuals worksheets, formats, and assets that will help them build their own empire and get one step closer to the success that they wish.

Leveraging the power of the digital space, particularly the e-commerce field, he has devised a set of powerful programs and courses that could certainly help budding entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and making a mark in the industry. The courses’ training module is completely unheard of and has a refreshing set of unique methods that have never been explored earlier, which certainly helps in making it a one of its kind. The students will be under his practical guidance throughout the course until they master all the aspects of it and are confident enough to venture out on their own. No one has anywhere come close to how good he is at helping individuals accomplish their goals. By working with his students on an individual level Kobeissy helps them reach similar statures as him. This course has added to one’s knowledge and even led a few distinguished people to earn 8-figures through their businesses.

Taking things to another level Kobeissy is now planning to start a networking company in Dubai for all his successful students from E-commerce. This gives them a great opportunity to explore different industry ideas and invest in an extraordinary business. He also intends to host a gathering or event of some sort in Dubai that brings all these distinguished and successful people under one roof. In doing so he is taking a step towards setting up his networking company and giving industry professionals a glimpse of what it will comprise. Based on Kobeissy’s past successful experiences and businesses this new venture is sure to be a huge hit among his pupils and broaden their horizons. Overall, this company would be highly beneficial not only for him but also for all the other prominent entrepreneurs included.