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After Friday’s Mass Layoffs, Elon Musk’s Twitter Now Asks Some Laid-Off Workers to Please Come Back



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On Friday, Twitter Inc. laid off around half the company following the $44 billion acquisition by Elon Musk. Talking about the figures, roughly 3,700 employees were laid off by Twitter, only to reach out soon thereafter to dozens of employees who lost their jobs and ask them to come back to their work.


Image Source – Reuters


Twitter Inc is entering into its second full workweek under the control of Elon Musk, with nearly half of its workforce, piling up losses, and a few unexpected reversals to its original plans. After laying off nearly 3,700 employees on Friday, Musk’s Twitter is now asking dozens of employees to return to their jobs. 

Two people familiar with the decision of laying off workers reported that some of the employees who are being asked to come back were fired by mistake. Others were let go by the company before the management realized that their skills and experience might be essentially required to build the new features envisioned by Elon, said people, asking not to be identified for discussing private information. 

The whiplash events, as specified by people who were aware of the situation or in an internal company posted on slack, followed by Elon’s own acknowledgment in a tweet that Twitter bought for $44 billion by him and well-heeled partners is losing roughly $4 million a day. 

The exact reason why Twitter lopped half of its workforce this Friday via email is to trim costs following Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk. Many employees came to learn about losing their job after the suspension of their access to the company-wide systems, including e-mail and Slack. The requests for laid-off employees to come back to their jobs within a few days of laying off process clearly demonstrates how rushed and chaotic the process was. 

A spokesperson on Twitter did not respond to the request for comment. It was a Platformer who previously reported Twitter’s plan to hire back employees.

On Friday Elon Musk tweeted on his account, “Regarding Twitter’s laying off process, unfortunately, there is no other alternative when the company is losing a huge amount of $4 million each day.”

With employees fired in a huge figure, now there are nearly 3,700 employees working for Twitter, as per people aware of the matter. Musk is pushing the remaining employees at the company to work quickly for shipping new features which have further worsened the situation as employees are even sleeping at the office to meet new deadlines. 

Other early main goals of Musk, i.e., to add blue verification check marks for members of its subscription service costing $7.99 per month on 9 November. In addition to this, the company declared that soon other features, such as half the ads, allowing posting longer videos, and getting priority ranking in mentions, replies, and searches will be launched. 

Initially, the company’s plan was to roll out this subscription feature on 7 November before the U.S. elections. However, the plan to add verification check marks has been postponed until Tuesday with users and employees raising concerns that the plan could be misused to sow discord. So, Twitter has delayed changes to the check marks so that potential chaos during the U.S. midterm elections can be avoided. 


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