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AL99’s Unique Sound: A Blend of Cultures and Musical Genres

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AL99, the multitalented musician and producer, is making waves in the music industry with his unique blend of musical styles and passion for his craft. Born in New Jersey and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, AL99’s love for music was nurtured from an early age thanks to the diverse range of music played in his household.

Early Beginnings and Musical Education

“AL99”, is derived from his birth year and name. He was born in New Jersey and moved to Arizona at the age of four. His artistic talent was nurtured and developed by hearing a myriad of music from all over the world, played in his house while growing up.

With a degree in Audio Technology & Engineering and a degree in Music Business, AL99 made sure to learn the business of the music industry before embarking on his journey as a musician. He made a promise to his parents to understand the business side of the music industry before becoming a musician.

Passion for Music

Expressing himself through music has always been AL99’s true passion, and with his ability to write, compose, produce, and engineer, he is a quadruple threat in the industry. AL99 loves the freedom he feels when creating music. It gives him total joy, and it never feels like work.

What Makes AL99 Different

What sets AL99 apart from other musicians is that he is a quadruple threat – he’s an artist, musician, producer, and engineer. Many artists focus on the entertainment aspect of the music business, but not the business of the entertainment and music industry. AL99 studied music in school and has two degrees, one in Audio Production and one in Music Business. He writes his own music, composes his own music, and plays the guitar and keyboard for his music.

AL99’s Unique Sound

AL99 brings a unique blend of cultures to the industry, as he loves all genres of music. His sound is eclectic and multifaceted, as he plays the guitar, drums, and keyboard, and loves incorporating strings into his sound. When you listen to an AL99 project, it’s all him! You can go on a musical journey through Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, The Blues, Rock, Alternative, and even some classical.


AL99’s love for music was influenced by his family, including his grandfather Herbert “Toubo” Rhoad of The Persuasions, his Uncle Dan, a drummer, Titi Paris, a singer, and Uncle Bubba, a pianist. His lullabies were even from the great jazz musician Thelonius Monk, and his music journey was also influenced by the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Michael Jackson, Biggie, Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar.

Future Aspirations

In 5 years, AL99 sees himself as a major influence in the music industry, producing and composing for all genres of music, including movies, and striving to be the next Quincy Jones. Building generational wealth for his family is the most important thing to him. He wants to own his own music, producing and writing for himself, providing total freedom for his creativity.

Final Thoughts

AL99 is set to take the music industry by storm with his eclectic and multifaceted sound. He is one to watch out for, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future. For more information on AL99, please visit his website at