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Blades – “Vendetta” Surpasses 250,000 Streams

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Anthony Bailey Jr., also known as BLADES, is a New Jersey mogul who is gaining respect in the music industry due to his music and work ethics. He has been receiving high praise and acknowledgment from music icons and people worldwide. Blades is an entrepreneur, media personality, and musical genius.

The Rise of Blades

Blades has been providing artists from his state and other states with a platform to showcase their talents and be recognized. He began this platform on his Instagram account in March 2018, which now has over 18,000 followers.


Blades released a song called “Vendetta,” which has a lot of meaning behind it. Many people had their own opinions and feedback on the song, but when it was released, there was no denying that it was a hit record. Despite this, people still struggled to get behind Blades and the record. Blades sent the record out to countless DJs to play on the radio and in clubs, but they still did not believe in the record. However, Blades had a personal vendetta and made it his mission for the world to know that this record could possibly change his life.

The Struggle

Any other artist on the rise would have lost hope and courage, and some would have stopped creating music. But Blades did not give up. He kept pushing, and weeks after “Vendetta” was released, everything he spoke out to the world and universe came into existence. Music icon “Snoop Dogg” posted a video on his Instagram account with Blades’ “Vendetta” record playing in the background, which gave Blades all the fuel he needed. “Vendetta” began to trend on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. “Vendetta” currently has over 150,000 streams worldwide, and it is expected to reach 1 million streams in the upcoming months.

The Breakthrough

Blades’ “Vendetta” is the perfect story of never giving up on yourself, even when it seems like the ones we never expected to give up on us do. Blades has shown that sometimes having a secret vendetta with the world is okay when it seems like every odd is against us. “Vendetta” is a record that cannot be denied when it’s playing. Despite being the underdog and most hated, Blades beat every obstacle that was thrown at him and succeeded, making his story a true inspiration for other artists on the rise.