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Brandon and Joel Seniff: The Brothers Who Grew a Family Business to 6 Figures in an Year



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Today, Standout Steel Designs is a six-figure business that is growing its market share continuously. It was just an idea, just a year ago, that two twins, Brandon and Joel Seniff, were locked up in their heads.

Brandon and Joel Seniff

The company that Brandon and Joel created is a direct-to-consumer steel décor company, specialized in producing innovative designs that rise above the competition. Their intention is to stand out, as their name implies. These two brothers are also very excited about making high-quality, stunning steel creations. They still put a huge amount of focus on making sure that the best of the industry is their customer support.

Brandon and Joel are aiming to disrupt the existing industry giants by delivering better offerings and improved user service. They want to climb to the very top by delivering something that right now nobody else is. At 32, Brandon is a young entrepreneur who, along with Joel, is just beginning his journey to ever more prosperous.

The CEO and founder of Standout Steel Designs is Brandon. He took to his new venture the business experience he gained while working for a Fortune 500 corporation. Joel came up with the company’s proposal. They put their talents together to grow a business that is now thriving in a niche market.

Who are these two entrepreneurial brothers?

These two entrepreneurial brothers have produced and marketed remarkably with Brandon’s concept and marketing eye, along with Joel’s technological and organizational prowess.

The growth of the bourgeoning eCommerce company derives primarily from conquering challenges and catastrophic incidents. These two brothers have surpassed the odds of creating a coherent business plan despite having a difficult upbringing in foster care, where they love and support their families. Brandon and Joel also give back by giving funds to charities in whom they have collaborated, recognizing what it takes to survive so little.

The partnership is everything about Brandon and Joe. This can be seen in a variety of respects. The most evident is that they were all paired up to establish a profitable and prosperous business as brothers.

Another is that they have formed associations with charities by contributing something a bit to the less fortunate. Third, Standout Steel Design’s main manufacturers, inspirers and operators are associates.

Per client is seen as a business partner by Brandon and Joel. They create every special stainless steel style that they love. They want to know that someone from whom the commodity is received is someone with whom they directly connect.

Brandon and Joel were able to start up a business of six numbers in only one year, due to a keen concentration on collaborations and facing adversity.