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Brittany Moore’s Vision Life: A Fashion Retail Startup with a Purpose

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Vision Life, an online clothing store founded by Brittany Moore, officially launched today. Moore, a 28-year-old native of Asbury Park, is driven by her passion for fashion and her desire to make a positive impact in her community.

Who is Brittany Moore?

Moore, a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, has always had a love for clothes. From playing dress-up as a child to styling her friends and family in high school, Moore has honed her skills and developed a unique sense of style. Her passion for fashion ultimately led her to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and business owner.

What Sets Vision Life Apart?

According to Moore, what sets Vision Life apart from other clothing stores is her dedication and determination. “I’m not giving up at all,” says Moore. “It’s called dedication and progress. Things just don’t happen overnight. I’m a winner, not a loser.”

Moore’s mindset and drive are what make her and Vision Life stand out in the competitive world of fashion retail.


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The Future of Vision Life

In five years, Moore sees herself and Vision Life flourishing. “I see myself sitting pretty in a big mansion with my family and running two businesses as a boss should,” she says.

Motivated by her family and loved ones, Moore is determined to make Vision Life a success. Her ultimate goal is to use her business to make a positive impact on her community and to help others.

What Makes Vision Life Unique?

According to Moore, what makes her and Vision Life unique is her genuine, caring nature. “I’m that loving, caring, unique person that everybody can come and talk to and not be judged,” says Moore.

At Vision Life, customers can expect a personalized and welcoming shopping experience. Moore’s goal is to help her customers find the perfect outfit and to make them feel confident and beautiful.

Visit Vision Life’s website at and follow them on Instagram at @VisionLife__ for more information and to shop the latest collections.