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Casiino Smooth is the Upcoming Music Marketing Pioneer, A highlight on his Work



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Who is Casiino Smooth?

CasiinoSmooth, professionally known as Charles White, combined his love for music with his passion for business and marketing to create the forward-thinking music promotion company, Paradym Music Group LLC.

He also mentions in his Instagram post about how influencers should use their fame for good.

Early Life

Casiino Smooth had started working with influencers to promote his client’s music on YouTube and Instagram before most people knew what influencer marketing was.

What does CasiinoSmooth do?

Charles White has helped his music clients get millions of views of exposure on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more. His creative ideas and strategies that he publishes on his 11k YouTube channel compel music artists from all over the world to reach out and seek guidance and promotion.


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Using his advanced knowledge and industry relationships, Casiino is known for getting the job done while maintaining a high satisfaction rate with his clients for doing effective & ethical work. When Casiino is not working on music marketing campaigns, he is advising inc5000 companies on how to grow and use their social media to increase sales or leads through his second business, Marketing Done Fast LLC.

Music Marketing

Learn how his music marketing can make a difference.

“All of our music promotion is REAL.. 


– @CasiinoSmooth



To further clarify, music marketing is the holistic development of your band’s overall package to acquire new listeners and convert them into loyal fans. In a way, it is more strategic and sustainable as you are integrating the smaller parts of your “business” to create a saleable image both to fans and business partners. It is actually just like the 5Ps in traditional marketing:

  • Product: Obviously, this is your music. What’s your genre/sound? What makes your music different from the others? What will make you stand out from the rest?
  • Price: how much are you charging for your song/live performance/band merch?
  • Placement: Where do you sell your product – record stores, online, iTunes, Spotify? Which radio stations do you want your song to be played? Which venues/events/festivals do you want to play?
  • Promotions: What activities do you do to bring in more listeners and fans? Do you place Facebook advertisements? Do you give free tickets to the first 50 people who go to your show? Do you do brand-band partnerships similar to what Red Bull does in their Music Academy?
  • People: Who are your listeners/fans? What is their profile? How do they consumer music? What kind of music and image appeals to them? What do they want to see in your shows?



Casiino Smooth is the CEO of paradymmusicgroup which is the real music marketing channel. The Services they offer there are inevitable, the splendid yet amazing services they give are a goldmine for rappers, acoustic, hard rock, metal, and a melodious vibe.

The Current list of services listed on their website are;

  • Shows & Tours
  • Radio Play
  • Videography
  • Brand Deals
  • Public Relations
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Customized Marketing Plans
  • Virtual Management