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Chaiiwala: The Authentic Indian Cafe Chain founded by Muhammad Sohail Taking the UK by Storm



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The Chaiiwala cafe chain, founded by Muhummed Ibrahim, has quickly become a beloved staple in the United Kingdom, known for its authentic Indian chai and delicious street food. 

Chaiiwala from UK Picture was posted on Chaiiwala’s Instagram

Founded in 2015, the first Chaiiwala cafe opened in Birmingham, quickly gaining popularity for its traditional chai made with fresh ingredients and spices imported straight from India. The menu also features a variety of street food favorites such as samosas and bhel puri, as well as a selection of sandwiches and salads for those looking for something more substantial. The prices for the items are very affordable and reasonable for the customers.

What sets Chaiiwala apart from other cafes is its commitment to authenticity and tradition. The chai is made using a special blend of spices and tea leaves, and is served in traditional clay cups, just as it would be in India. The street food is also made using authentic recipes and ingredients, providing customers with a true taste of Indian culture.


In addition to its delicious food and drinks, Chaiiwala is also known for its cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The cafes are decorated with colorful artwork and traditional Indian textiles, making customers feel as if they are transported straight to India. The friendly staff also add to the experience, providing excellent service and a welcoming smile.

Since its launch, Chaiiwala has rapidly expanded, with cafes now open in several major cities across the United Kingdom, including London, Manchester, and Liverpool. The chain also plans to expand further in the future, with the goal of bringing the authentic taste of India to even more customers.


Overall, Chaiiwala, founded by Muhummed Ibrahim, is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience authentic Indian cuisine and culture at an affordable price. With delicious food, a cozy atmosphere, and friendly staff, it’s no wonder the cafe has become such a beloved staple in the United Kingdom.