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CONY: Making a Huge Name for Himself in the Atlanta Music Scene



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If you’re familiar with the music industry, you’ve likely heard the name Cony. Not only is Cony a talented artist, but he’s also an entrepreneur, helping artists and business owners market themselves and their brands. Cony’s expertise in marketing and branding has not gone unnoticed – he’s received congratulations and gratitude from A-list celebrities for the work he’s put into his music over the years.

But Cony’s journey to success hasn’t been easy. In 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cony packed up and moved from New Jersey to Atlanta, Georgia to further his music career. “A lot of people thought I was insane to just pack everything up and leave New Jersey and move to another state during the pandemic,” says Cony. “But I’m the type of person who takes chances on myself. I roll the dice on myself and I bet it all on myself. I wasn’t going to lie and try to be cool and say I wasn’t scared to start over in another state not knowing a soul down here, but my faith in God and the trust I have in myself is bigger than my fears.”

Adjusting to a New Environment and Building a Music Family

Cony’s move to Atlanta was challenging at first. “The first year was the roughest because I went from being in the studio 5-6 days out of the week to once every 2-4 months,” he says. “The competition out here in Atlanta is more competitive because everyone down here does music or is involved in music in some way.


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Cony has over 230 unreleased songs and since moving down to Atlanta he’s been recording more music since being down In Atlanta Georgia, his goal this year is to have 500 songs recorded. When it comes to Cony there’s no telling what’s next for him he’s driven and beyond talented and very hands-on when it comes to anything that has to do with himself or his art. He handles his own marketing when he releases music or content and he has his hands in the slot of people’s projects, he became the “ GO TO GUY “ for people when they need to get their content or brand hot.

Beating the Odds

Cony has proven to everyone that he can beat any odds that are thrown against him, Cony is a person you can’t put in just one box he’s almost not human in a way if you’ve ever spoken to him or has been around him as he creates music his creative mind is on another level and then his marketing and branding side comes out and that amazes you as well and it’s just inspiring to watch its breathtaking.