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Dating Revolution: Long online conversation to find the perfect match



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The coronavirus lockdown has made us change the way we live impacting more than a few aspects. Even dating and falling in love is getting back the retro feel with a bit of help from technology. The prolonged lockdown could well have pushed the rewind button on the idea of romance, taking it back to older times.

A lot of dating apps and apps that get you connected to new people are soaring. People want to try the online trend of falling in love or finding the right choice. “I feel it’s a good thing because you spend more time chatting, then slowly move to phone calls and then, if it clicks, to a video call,” said 25-year-old Avantika Singh as quoted by Yourstory.

Before the lockdown, it was a day or two of chatting and perhaps meeting. Or at least the request for a meeting would come up. Now, that’s not an option in the existing scenario and it’s good, the Delhi-based communications specialist said.

Opportunity to find love

The unprecedented lockdown situation, she said, has come with the opportunity to find love. Online dating was in vogue before India shut down on March 25 and the fear of the spread of the disease kept everybody indoors. But the initial conversation was followed by incessant requests to meet, and this take-it-slow, one-conversation-at-a-time, approach to a relationship is great, she said.

Many young Indians agree with Singh. In early April,, an online dating website, released a list of top countries going online in search of love since the beginning of March, when the coronavirus pandemic made countries rush indoors.

OkCupid clocked over 50 million intro messages across the world shared among first-time users in the last month as people are looking for human connection more than ever before, said CEO Ariel Charytan.

This form of virtual dating is ushering in a new era of slow dating’ that’s been welcomed by singles. An estimated 85 percent of users on OkCupid believe it’s important to develop an emotional connection before a physical one, so the switch to virtual dates has allowed these emotional connections to thrive, the New York-based Charytan said.