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Deepak Joshi: From Tik-Tok to Insta, The 16-Year Old is Winning Hearts



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Leaving Tik Tok as the former ‘most-entertaining’ short video platform, India is now moving to a new content-driven stream with Reels from Instagram, and so are our rising stars! One of our favorite heartthrobs is Deepak Joshi, the charming influencer entertained more than 13M followers on tik-tok and now he is celebrating his fun content with 987K followers on Instagram too.

The 16-year old influencer won hearts with his good-looks and diverse content. Deepak astonishingly escalated from 4oo K followers to 987 K in just a few months, and soon our very own Deepak Joshi aka @Deepakjoshi.102 will cross the milestone of 1M followers.

Deepak Joshi

With eye-catchy reels, impressive clicks, and engaging stories, Deepak has left no stone unturned. He is making his mark in the entertainment industry with a stunning smile. Apart from the intriguing content, the up-and-comer artist is also famous for ever-changing hairstyles and fashion. Recently spotted in a greenish hair tone, Deepak rocked the hazelnut accent look too. His vivid fashion sense is inspiring in its own way, and maybe a great reason to check out his profile again & again.

Deepak is not just an influencer but also a man with a strong and kind character. His open and bold relationship with his partner @akritiagarwal7 is the buzz topic between the followers. It seems like his fans or as he likes to say โ€˜supportersโ€™ find them to be the best couple. Many of his fans show their love to the gorgeous couple with comments like โ€˜So cute! You both look amazing in every videoโ€™ and โ€˜you guys look so good togetherโ€™. There is even a dedicated # for the couple, follow #deepakians.

If you wish to find out more about the super cute and stylish influencer Deepak Joshi, you can follow him on social media platforms with the name DeepakJoshi.102.