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E-Commerce guru Zishan Manji is keen on teaching everyone how to start their own business



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E-commerce and online retail took the world by storm when they were first introduced just years ago. Lives of many people have changed –  Either because of the easy way to shop sitting in their comfort zones. However, not everyone who starts a business in sales doesn’t earn millions.

Zishan Manji is one of the great cases of success in this pretty difficult stream to survive. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Zishan grew up surrounded by rich businessmen and families with inherited wealth. Since he himself had no great wealth or a lucrative business to take over, he worked hard to make one all by himself.

At age 13, he started selling wallets on Amazon, buying from eBay for half the price. But after some time he was kicked out of Amazon for being underage and moved to eBay where he started selling vapes, at the time the trend had not even started.

“By the time I was 14, I had already made six figures in revenue. I knew school wasn’t for me and I was tired of the status quo. From 15 to 18 years old, I branded Kodi boxes and made six figures profit by age 19.” Zishan said.

Zishan believed in the ultimate formula to earn rewards – That is to keep your head and keep grinding hard towards your target. It didn’t take long for him to go up the ladder. Zishan is now 21, bought a BMW i8, was able to help his dad retire and bought him a Mercedes Benz, hired 20 employees, and has multiple e-commerce brands.

“I currently run a few companies. Five Shopify stores, three of them are branded, my personal brand, and my Amazon wholesale business,” Zishan says. “I was inspired to get into the industry because of the e-commerce lifestyle, the online business lifestyle.”

Dealing with tragedy and business targets

This idea of having his own business and being able to run it on his own terms was the driving force through it all. His mother’s death in 2018 was a major obstacle on this road, but he overcame the disappointment and kept plugging-in.

“Words cannot express how heartbroken and crushed my spirit was. I didn’t want to do anything anymore, but I knew she was watching over me and would not want me to mourn forever.” Zishan says. “I believe this was the turning point in my life that made me want to become more successful than ever to make her proud,” Zishan emphasizes.

Currently, Zishan is an e-commerce guru who is trying to help change thousands of people’s lives by teaching young teenagers still in high school as well as people in their 40s who have two jobs and families how to start their business with almost no experience.

“I connect very well with my community and have a lot of loyal followers. I always give out free information, pre-built stores and weeks of mentorship. I am genuine and a hundred per cent straight up with my audience.” Zishan added.

Zishan’s goal is to educate people to fully understand that trying to become an entrepreneur can definitely pay off, but that it comes with obstacles and hardships. He also highlights the importance of understanding that this is not a one-man show and that everyone needs an extra hand.

For Zishan success is everything, because nothing feels better than succeeding at something that you never thought was possible. It builds more drive and increases the reasons to grow the business. But in order to achieve this, mindset is crucial.

Zishan has exciting ideas in development that will continue raising his net profits and expanding his reach to help more and more people learn about how to get involved in e-commerce and start their own business. He wants to change the education system and teach future students how to succeed in life and build generational wealth.