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EmiratesFirst’s Founder Jamad Usman’s Admiration for The United Arab Emirates



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Jamad Usman is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Jamad has built several businesses from the ground up, and his firms are now worth millions of dollars. Jamad is well-known for his creative thinking and ability to spot opportunities that others overlook. He is also an expert negotiator and has been involved in some of the most lucrative business transactions in history. Jamad Usman is undoubtedly one of the world’s most accomplished and respected entrepreneurs.

The Incept Point

Jamad Usman was born in Kuttichira, a suburb of Kozhikode, and grew up in a middle-class Malabar family where he was given responsibilities at a young age. His education and career were intertwined, so he took his first job as a salesman in Maliakal jewelry while pursuing his pre-degree. He moved to Bangalore as a sales executive for Malabar Gold and Diamonds within a year. Bangalore bestowed upon him a plethora of friends and equipped him with the ability to communicate in English. Then he moved to Hyderabad as the sales manager of Malabar Gold and Diamonds, where he mastered both sales and Hindi. A friend’s wedding brought him to Dubai by chance. Jamad stayed on and became a business development executive for Welfit, an Ajman-based car seat manufacturer. This job allowed him to build networks, connect with many local Arabs, and understand the UAE business environment. Jamad Usman left this company in 2016 and was at a crossroads.

“There was no need for a large investment, and my advantage was that I started the business during Dubai’s development. More broadly, the UAE and its rulers have always supported Indians, particularly Keralites. “Jamad explains the genesis of Emirates First Business Service LLC.

Jamad Usman is a successful businessman who carved out a niche market and established EmiratesFirst as the go-to brand for business setup and investment advisory services. Mr. Jamad captivated his audience with his in-depth knowledge of his subject matter, which enabled him to create turnkey solutions for his clients. His charisma, amiable personality, and thorough understanding of the entrepreneurial market made him an excellent industry leader. His company has a long list of satisfied customers who are happy to provide positive feedback about his work. Mr. Usman is an excellent entrepreneur and a competent and experienced investor, which has enabled him to give his clients a unique perspective on how to grow their businesses. Jamad Usman has become one of the most respected figures in the business world due to his hard work and dedication, and his advice is sought after by both established businesses and startups. EmiratesFirst has become an accessible business setup services and investment advisory brand thanks to his vision and expertise. At the moment, EmiratesFirst has its offices in the UK, US, and Canada (London, Florida, and Toronto).

Jamad is a true entrepreneur who began small and quickly rose to prominence in the UAE through perseverance and hard work. From being a jewelry salesman to becoming one of the UAE’s most renowned businessmen, he gained a lifetime of experiences, business relationships, and friends.


EmiratesFirst was first introduced in 2017 in Qusais, on the ground floor of Al Hilal Bank, in a 700sqft room. There were five employees and an initial capital of AED 75000/- on hand. EmiratesFirst caused havoc in the then-existing typing center business models, ushering in new branding and marketing concepts. A complete transformation was on the way.

Over the course of five years, the company has grown to become one of the best business setup  and investment advisory service providers in the UAE. The company also provides a variety of business solutions such as business relationships, visa services, virtual offices, Dubai department approval services, corporate documentation, and many others at a low cost. Apart from company formation procedures, Emirates First provides government approvals such as the municipality, RERA, civil defense, SERA approval, national media council (NMC) approvals, and so on. Emirates First also provides an instant trade license with a virtual office, PRO services, tax, and legal advice, visa and license renewals, ISO registration, trademark and attestation services, and other Dubai regulatory approvals. Jamad Usman built his brand from the ground up, forging strategic partnerships, establishing a customer-centric approach, and complying with all regulatory and statutory requirements. The company is now worth $26 million, employs 85 people, and has a clientele of 3500 people. EmiratesFirst currently has six branches, including two e-First Global branches. EmiratesFirst aims to be worth $50 million by 2023, with yearly revenue of $30 million. Since its expansion to Canada – Toronto, US – Florida, India, and, most recently, the United Kingdom – London, the brand has achieved global recognition.

“We know the market here better than anyone else and understand what the customer wants faster, so with us, simple and cost-effective solutions are guaranteed,” Jamad Usman says.

Adding to the company’s success, EmiratesFirst has now extensively grown, with two child companies, Water First Global and eFirst Global.

e-First Global, a subsidiary of EmiratesFirst Group, is a premium business formation and investment guidance services provider based in Opus in Business Bay, serving an expanding number of valued clients and large foreign investors in the UAE economy.

In addition, Emirates First is working with iconic Bollywood and Mollywood actors to provide Dubai Golden Residency Visas.

Jamad Usman’s Consecration to the UAE

Jamad Usman is honest and truthful about his host country. While discussing his fondness for the UAE, he stated that it is a blessing to see this beautiful country celebrate 50 glorious years of providing him with numerous opportunities in his life. He never imagined that this land would become his home, let alone that his children would grow up here.

Jamad Usman appreciates the love he has received from the UAE; according to him, nationalities, languages, and cultures from all over the world meet here. This is his favorite aspect of the UAE. The country is still young but rapidly developing and reaching new heights in science, technology, trade, tourism, education, and other fields. It was the rulers’ vision that made it all possible. They laid the groundwork, and a great country rose, stunning everyone.

The peace, happiness, safety, and security that a woman enjoys in this country is something she would have to ask for in any other country. The UAE values people, whether they are citizens, tourists, or members of the UAE’s growing community. The country’s work culture is on the next level, thanks to visionary rulers, friendly people, and a world-class system. Why else do you think people from 197 countries live in the UAE as if it were one big family? Asks the enthusiastic businessman.

He also revealed why his company is the best in the industry by stating that his company knows the market here better than anyone else and understands what the customer wants faster, so, with EmiratesFirst, simple and cost-effective solutions are guaranteed. For example, EmiratesFirst guarantees license processing in three hours and visa processing in a single day to assist customers in completing projects and business deals more quickly and easily. EmiratesFirst also provides all of its services on an installment basis, allowing for a lower financial burden.

“If I’ve ever accomplished anything, the UAE has played a significant role. Compared to any other country in the world, job and growth opportunities are extremely high here. Thank you to this country for the variety it provides here. Adapting to the local culture of this country, participating in development projects, and bringing in more investment are all ways I hope to give back to the country, “Jamad Usman says.

The Short Version

Jamad Usman is a self-made entrepreneur who took a risk to pursue his passion and found success. He began small but quickly expanded his business. Within a few years, he had built a multimillion-dollar empire out of his company. Jamad Usman is now one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and his story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever wished to achieve their dreams.