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Facebook messenger kids rolls out for 70 countries



Facebook Messenger
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Facebook messenger an app that was built to enable better connections between friends and family has now launched a new feature. Facebook is all set to launch the kids’ messenger with the objective to let kids make new connections during the lockdown. The kid-friendly IM, designed to facilitate parental oversight is getting more security, flexibility, and control features in the US and it’s finally expanding to other regions.

The rollout features are:

Parental Supervision

As the schools are closed due to the global crisis, COVID-19 kids are bored. Prior approvals are necessary on the application before making any contact. Facebook first launched it in its home country the US and after the initial user response, plan for a larger rollout.

Parent Dashboard

The parent dashboard allows them to accept, reject, and look at the friend requests. The second new feature allows parents to approve other adults, like teachers, to add their kids to group chats. Clearly intended to facilitate easier gathering with teachers in virtual spaces, since schools and classes are also online now. Also, potentially useful for all sorts of family exchanges, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Profile Photo Last, but not least Easier connections gives a bit more profile visibility.

The parent account can choose to make the child’s name and photo visible to a select group of non-contacts. It allows the parents to pick and choose the valid profile picture for their kids. It’s available in the US, Canada, and Latin America. The features and the idea of the app were to set up an interactive environment for kids. The youth advisors discussed and brought out the idea. The app is now available in 70+ countries. Facebook feels that quarantine days are the best to make wise use of the app.

Interestingly, kids now get a platform pretty early in their life where they can build relationships and find people of similar interests. The app is also used for study material, chat sessions with teachers. So it’s an edutainment platform altogether.

Privacy issue?

Though the app comes up with various restrictions and parental supervision. But there are a lot of chances for personal data loss. Privacy always becomes a question mark when certain apps bring out such features.