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Faiz Imran, a 17-year-old self-made millionaire, is on his way to the top of the business world



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In 2011, at the age of nine, Faiz Imran set out to be an entrepreneur. He was pretty determined to make it big at a very small age and success too has knocked his door, way before most people graduate from high schools. He started selling fidget spinners, pop sockets, and even candies at school, but he knew even then he was meant for something greater than he could ever imagine.

Who actually is Faiz Imran?

Faiz Imran is a Young Entrepreneur & business person, Faiz Imran a 17-year-old who made another meaning of turning into a fruitful business person. His story is a motivation to many hopeful business visionaries and visionaries to turn into the best form of themselves and to be sufficiently strong to arrive at their greatest dreams. At 17 years old, Imran has manufactured different effective organizations and brands. As of now, he is dealing with Fismma, a full-administration computerized organization that assists organizations with becoming on the web. He has fabricated a group with 120 people in the organization, 7 of whom work all day. Alongside that, Imran has worked with the greatest brands and has assembled a broad web-based life arrangement.

Early Life of Faiz

He started a startup called Everscent, a fragrance releasing apparatus that released fragrance on the user as they moved automatically. He just posted a cover on Kickstarter to start off with before he was immediately acquired by a private licensing/acquisition company even while the campaign hasn’t ended yet. Since then, Faiz rose to fame for Everscent.

Faiz Imran

But even then, Faiz went beyond what he can do. He kept knocking different doors and explored different opportunities during this journey. And so he looked back at how Everscent became successful and saw exactly what made it what it is today — marketing. And so, Faiz went on to learn everything he could and went on to create websites and along the way created, Fismma.

Before Fismma came to be, Faiz even tho being 17 years old only, was keen on building free websites for his friends and family. He continued doing the small gigs before he got some pretty big offers to do social media works. What started as help for family, turned out to be a life-changing experience for the youngster.

Faiz Imran has built a team of 120 individuals

Fast forward to today, Faiz, a 17-year-old entrepreneur has built a team of 120 individuals, 7 of which are full time, and made Fismma a full-service digital agency that could help businesses grow online. He has since worked with the biggest brands and built a large social media network.

He is also currently working on a social media platform called CLIQ, with some of the biggest names not only in the entrepreneurial space but also in the sports industry. The app is still taking new investments in its funding round at a multi-million-dollar valuation and is going to be successfully closing the first round in the coming weeks.

Its people like Faiz who inspire youngsters of the coming generation to do something creative and brave, irrelevant of how old they are. While success did knock his doors very early, it also posed some issues since he’s still a teenager.

At only 17, despite achieving so much, a lot still doubts his skills as an entrepreneur. In fact, he’s constantly asked the phrase, “What do you know? You’re just a kid.” This is what he keeps asking himself and this is what keeps him motivated to do better every morning.

Soon enough, this teenage wonder will come in a room without having to introduce himself because we know for a fact he’s proved a lot at his age, how much more in the coming years? Remember the name Faiz Iman, the future business tycoon who is ready to compete against the giants.

Faiz Imran Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at around $2 Million.

Future Goals

He wants to build a digital empire; therefore, he uses marketing and media as a key to open up new ways towards his goal. Teenage entrepreneur aims to reach to the people positively and gives them a platform where they can understand each other in a better way. Well, we hope for the best and wish him luck for his better future. You can contact Faiz’s personal site and Faiz’s Instagram for further assistance.