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From a gaming freak in Patna to creating India’s most loved mobile game – story of Vikash Jaiswal, mastermind of Ludo King



Ludo King
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The current generation is so used to listening to the success story of gamers across the world or the ones who mastermind the creation of some epic games. One common thing we seen in all of them is their undying passion and love for gaming, which made them build an ecosystem where all of this considered a worthwhile profession.

One such success story of a passionate gamer is Vikash Jaiswal from Patna, the man behind the creation of Ludo King. It’d be fair to say Ludo King managed to save a lot of people from missing their friends or family members. People who are physically distant from each other in this unprecedented lockdown are reliving their good old days of playing one of the most popular games, only this time, it’s not on a board.

Growing up, Vikash had no idea what to do but he always wanted to earn a lot of money to lead a prosperous life. Motives like that does make you work and think harder, and he concentrated on making a career in computer engineering. He trained himself very hard on a daily to basis to master his craft and that went a long way in paving a path for his future.

Entering the world of animation in 1999

In pursuit of trying to find a right course to match his interests, Vikash got through his college in Budashir and enrolled himself into animation classes. Vikash recalls that buying a computer was a big deal at that time, but his mother and brother managed to get one when he asked for it. He says he never wasted their investment. “Other people used to watch movies and listen to songs on the PC in my hostel, but I always used it for studies,” he says.

His first game creation was eggy boy, a masterpiece he developed overnight. Eggy Boy received many mentions from notable magazines, some of whom also named it game of the month. Although internet cafes were not close by in his locality and it cost him ₹100 for every hour, he somehow managed.

In 2004, he got a call from IndiaGames, an Indian games venture which produced some amazing products like GOQII. After also tapping on the money earning scope in blogging for a few years, he quit his job and started working all by himself.

Entering the world of mobile gaming in 2013

With very little money from his savings, he managed to start his own office, Gametion, in Navi Mumbai, with six employees and a hope to navigate their way through the mobile gaming world. He understood that people with smart phones are showing great interest in playing mobile games around 2013 and it was beginning to work on some very interesting ideas.

That’s when the idea of ludo king took good shape and eventually turned out to be massive success story. The programmer in the team had never played Ludo in his life. So, Vikash conceptualized the game from scratch himself. It took the time make a perfect version of it, but Ludo King was finally launched in 2016 and the rest, as they say, is history.

He may have conceptualized the game himself, but he attributes its success to his 70-people team, which includes his wife, Soni Jaiswal, who looks after management and other games such as Carrom King. The makers of the game really hit a jackpot because of the pandemic and they are motivated keep up the standards in the coming years.