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From Marine Corps to leading a successful marketing agency, the story of Sergeant Gaige Keep



Gaige Keep
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Having been with the US Marine Corp for a long time, Sergeant Gaige Keep now owns a marketing agency worth six-figures and drives millions of traffic towards his clients. How did he manage to do that? What has this 25-year-old done to make such massive waves in a market that seems to be so populated with could have and should have stories?

He built a business that focuses on the growth and success of each individual client and Gaige Keep himself takes care of each client. It is rare in this growing industry for a business owner to personally handle the needs and goals of each of his high profile clients, but that is exactly what Gaige does. GaugeMedia, his marketing agency, is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in brand growth and consulting.

He works closely with the founders of some of the biggest brands and has networked his way to the top of his marketing craft in a very short amount of time. However, he understands the value of his time and efforts and has raised his business’ status so much so that he can handpick those who he works with, fully investing his time to boost their social presence and positively impact their brands.

GaugeMedia is a distinguished company and provides Gaige with an income stream of six figures and the man has just commenced his journey. Gaige hopes to see GaugeMedia grow to become a million-dollar revenue company in the next year, by focusing on constantly meeting his clients’ needs in the midst of an always evolving, social media-driven, society.

After High School, Gaige didn’t feel called to college, so he spent 6 months overseas traveling internationally and spreading his faith throughout Southeast Asia. After, Gaige chose to enlist in the United States Marines Corps. He spent four years serving on active duty and spent over a year overseas. He was honorably discharged with the prestigious title of Sergeant in 2018, after which he started focusing on business.

Life after leaving the Marine Corps

After he left the Marines, he and his wife, Mikayla, needed to figure out what they could do next. Gaige immediately got to work providing for himself and his family but realized that the 9-5 routine life wasn’t for him. He knew he wasn’t using his skills to the best of his abilities and that his job wasn’t getting him anywhere closer to the life he dreamed of having. So he decided instead to pursue his dreams and in the process has begun to grow something far greater than he could have expected in the past year.

Gaige Keep now has over 100,000 followers on Instagram where he shares aspects of his story, his life, his entrepreneur and travel tips, and networking tactics/motivation advice with his following. He wants everyone in his followers’ list to understand just how empowering it is to become your own boss, to follow your passion regardless of the risk, and to never settle for average just because it’s “normal”.

Gaige thrives on connection and has used this platform and this business to develop close, personal connections with all of his clients- which has turned out to be the root of the majority of his success. Through tactful networking, strong referrals, and true person-to-person relationships, Gaige has built not only a name for his start-up but also made a big mark in the industry as a person.

His best advice? Believe you are the best- the master of your craft- and relentlessly pursue the success you desire and you will become that very version of yourself. It is hard work. It takes determination, trust in the road ahead (even when you can’t see where the path is leading you) and a motivation to succeed that quiets all of the negativity that is bound to come your way.

This is just the start of GaugeMedia. Gaige’s vision for his brand is bold, strong and forward-focused.