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Here’s how young entrepreneur Sam Taggart is revolutionizing door-to-door sales



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Coming from a family of businessmen and women, Sam Taggart began his career painting curbs and has been knocking doors since he was a kid. Even before he graduated from high school, he made a business profit of $100,000 and after serving a 2-year mission with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Sam stepped into the Home Automation industry where his career skyrocketed.

As a successful, competitive door knocker, Sam sold over 400 alarm accounts, making a bold statement in the industry that college wasn’t the only answer to having a successful career that could financially take care of his family.

After his accomplishments, he decided to go another notch higher in his career by switching to the Solar industry and becoming the VP of Sales. While building the sales as a VP, he understood some major loopholes in the industry, especially with the sales department and dreamt of creating something much bigger.

Against all advice, Sam pursued his passion bringing Honor and Integrity to the door to door sales. There wasn’t much clue as to how he would do it, but he quickly joined forces with his sister Abigail Ayres, and they went to work. Together, they created, built, and launched D2D Con (Door to Door Conference) locking in over 25 vendors and 900 attendees their first year.

Many mocked Sam for his idea

Many people in the industry mocked Sam for his idea, not really understanding the importance of making his vision a reality or what it could do to the industry. Year one of his conference, he even had a friendly fire, but that didn’t stop Sam from pursuing his mission. But fast forward four years, 3000 attendees from all over the USA, Canada, and England and over 85 vendors.

He had no idea when he stepped out of the Home Automation and Solar Industry, that a few years down the line he would have a Million Dollar Company, his dream job, with his dream team, and his dream house, accomplishing something really spectacular even before he hit the 30s.

Over the last 4 years, Sam has added many products and services to his dream company. Sam discovered the industry was calling for more when he started originally creating a sales conference to neutrally train and up level all industries. He trusted his intuition and created a white-label virtual training platform, business consulting service, business boot camps, and coaching services.

In order for Sam to achieve his goal of Unifying, Up leveling, and Bringing Honor and Integrity to the door to door space, he saw his vision needed to be much larger and expanding as necessary. He was one of the first to spot a need that not many believe existed and created a solution to it with his brilliance.

In today’s world, with COVID-19 rapidly spreading, causing many businesses to go virtual and shifting the entire sales industry as we once knew it, he has quickly adapted and is teaching people all over the world how to sell and connect virtually. He is also training many businesses on how to keep their doors open and sales flowing once normalcy resumes across the globe.

Now, more than ever, Sam is clear on one thing, “I will never let anything hold me back from taking committed action to achieve my goals.” Sam continues to say: “I will continue to adapt and leverage my sales skills to innovate, contribute, unify and inspire people across the world. My mission is being fulfilled on a daily basis as more and more people see what we are building and why and how it can apply to their business. It’s not just door to door sales, it’s business in general.”

Sam trains thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies, sharing tips and tricks on Sales, Recruiting, Training, and Leadership Development. Sam is an Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Consultant, husband, and father to 3 beautiful girls.