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In a pandemic, amidst signs of slowdown Craig Davis, Director of Fastwave Communications’ priority is safety of his employees



Craig Davis
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The United States of America has become the worldwide epicenter of the epidemic, with more than 97,000 people infected, surpassing China. President Donald Trump signed the largest stimulus package in US history, a $2 trillion bill intended to rescue the coronavirus-battered economy. While the president said: “This will deliver urgently needed relief,” Trump mentioned to the reporters. “We’re going to keep our small businesses strong and our big businesses strong.” Craig Davis or CeoGamble (for his social media followers), who is the Director of Fastwave communications is dedicated to serving best to its users. CeoGamble discusses personnel being active and ready during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Also, he ensures complete safety and health of his employees (by maintaining social distance and allowing sick leaves without any hindrance in the services by the provider. He said: “It’s important that we are ensuring the safety and health of our employees, fortunately, we are able to practice social distancing and sticking to smaller groups below ten people as recommended by the federal government. I’ve told my team if they are feeling sick or have any symptoms of the Corona Virus to make sure they take time off for their safety as well as their co-workers.”

The virus has made it so mandatory for all of us to maintain a social distance but the technology can’t stop. In times like this; when you can’t meet people, it’s the internet and social media that help us connect. And here comes the role of all the wireless connections that can keep smiles on our faces in tough times.

David states, “It is our utmost priority to assist First responders; emergency responders, public messaging, and 911 communications. Making sure wireless communications are operational in the case of an event where a life-saving situation may need to take place is very important.”

Craig Davis discusses how the telecommunication industry is getting affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. During this time when major parts of the world are on mandatory shut down, CeoGamble acts as an assistant to this tragic time.

“When times like these come about, or any natural disasters that cripple cities and affect people’s daily life and businesses, it’s only right to unite. As this virus is very serious we all need to remember that we will get through it together. Following the recommendations our national leaders are giving is a must. As mentioned before Fastwave will do all we can as a unit to assist the communities we operate in. We will get through this!”

About Fastwave Communications:

Fastwave Communications is trusted for the quality of service it provides it’s customers. The company produces reliable cell-site related operations for big cellular companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & U.S. Cellular. Fastwave makes sure to efficiently operate to maintain the quality standard they have always provided, and satisfaction to their customers. You can tell it from people’s reviews and feedback.