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Indian fame Akhilendra Sahu is the world’s youngest serial entrepreneur



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We live in the age of modern technology where everything is virtual. Since the advent of the internet, the number of jobs that opened up and the livelihood it managed to provide for a billion people across the globe is simply staggering. Everyone now wants to be internet fame or wants to do something sitting at home to earn millions of dollars. But that isn’t as easy and cool as it always sounds.

Not many end up achieving the kind of success a few internet stories suggest. It takes a great deal of passion, perseverance, dedication, and energy to make it big. Not everyone who puts a great deal of hard work ends up being successful as well, the ones who combine it well with smart work are the real winners.

Out of that few, we came across one real find of India who has stunned everyone with his Digital Media Marketing skills Akhilendra Sahu. This young lad comes in the few names from India who have taken the Indian flag at the world level with pride by giving some extraordinary results online with his strategies.

Akhilendra Sahu is the founder & CEO of ASTNT Technologies Pvt Ltd (An IT Company), Technical Next Technologies (WebHosting Company), FoodChilli (Exclusive Restaurants & Online Food Delivery) & Recently he started his new company “InfinityFame”.

One of the most recognized serial entrepreneurs

He is becoming a new leader of Social media not only in India but globally. His company InfinityFame.Com has become a big brand that works with top celebrities, influencers and public figures. 

Akhilendra Sahu and his team are doing a fine job as digital marketing service providers. They currently have clints from all across the globe and are doing a fabulous job in optimizing their business potential.

It is not easy to cope up with new challenges online, as India was not known for Digital Marketing till now. But the emergence of Akhilendra Sahu and his company InfinityFame.Com is a good sign for newcomers who want to learn Digital Marketing. This lad is setting a great example to young ones in India on how to grow in the world of Technology.

India has always given top names to the world in every field and now its time to add the signature of an Indian in Digital Marketing too. After a few big names in Digital Marketing Akhilendra Sahu is the only name that is shining high in Digital Marketing from India.

Akhilendra Sahu has been working for top companies and Individuals for the past few years, and he has given some fantastic results to them. Small to big brands Akhilendra Sahu this lad is working with everyone in India and abroad.

He has become a household name in the Digital Marketing world because of extraordinary skills. He is an influencer of Digital Marketing and only the name of India who is signing high at the world level. His fan following is growing at a rapid pace; he is accompanied by small to big names on social media with thousands of fans online.