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India’s Edutech Unicorn Byju’s raising new investment at a valuation of $10B



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It all began on a humble note for Byju’s, but once they attracted investments from some big names, they have managed to broaden their horizons to an extent no others in the stream has done before. As a result, they have been the most successful education & learning start-up in this country. The company is currently valued at $10 billion and is eager to attract more investment.

Amidst the lockdown induced by the COVID-19 outbreak, Byju’s has become a major source of learning for many kids across the country and parents too are showing keen interest in the app. Hence, they are willing to bring in more investment and make more features available for its wider range of audience.

Last year, the company allowed investments coming from Tiger Global and General Atlantic which summed up to an aggregate of $750 million. The startup was valued $8 billion at this point and just months before this investment, around 14 months prior to the current day, their net worth was valued at $4.5 billion.

Byju’s has done a sensational job in almost doubling its value in the market inside 14-15 months. The company has historically relied on raising funds through letting investors have a piece of their cake and some other popular companies associated with Byju’s are Prosus Ventures, Qatar Investment Authorities and Owl Ventures.

Although the speculations are doing rounds across the business world, Byju’s spokespersons have declined to comment on the same. A spokesperson from Tiger Global was asked to comment on the issue as well, who too declined the request from the press. Their competitors too are trying their best to compete with Byju’s but customers are preferring to spend money on Byju’s.

Other start-ups in the same stream like Unacademy has seen a major rise in the last couple of months. But Byju’s has put in a great effort in making their service understandable and adaptable for every type of student, which is why they have been on top. Byju’s has invested in tweaking the English accents in its app and adapted to different education systems. It had amassed more than 35 million registered users, about 2.4 million of which are paid customers as of late last year.