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Inspiring Story of Rah Banks: Overcoming Struggles to Pursue Music Dreams

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Rah Banks is a 30-year-old musician who was born and raised in Jersey City. With music in his blood, he has been making music since he was 8 years old. He is a father to a daughter, Princess Nova, and his music is a tribute to her and his family.

What Made You Want to Become a Musician?

Music has always been a part of Rah Banks’ life. He was raised in a family of musicians, and he learned from his family members who dedicated their lives to music. This love and passion for music made him want to pursue a career in the same.

What Makes You Different from Others Doing the Same Thing?

Rah Banks is a unique artist who stands out from the rest due to his personality, fashion sense, versatility in sound, and his skills in ghostwriting, producing, and photography. All these qualities make him different from others in the industry.

Where Do You See Yourself or Your Company in 5 Years?

Rah Banks has big aspirations for his future. He sees himself touring the world, working with major artists, and making a huge impact in the music industry and culture with his versatile styles of music. He also wants to be one of the major independent artists in the industry.

What Motivates You?

Rah Banks’ daughter is his biggest motivation. He wants to make sure that she doesn’t have to struggle or need anything from anyone. The high faith she has in him motivates him to make sure she doesn’t have to go through the struggles and difficulties he faced while growing up in the streets.

What Makes You and What You Do Unique?

Rah Banks’ versatility, style, and slick talk on every beat and song make what he does unique. He is always open to stepping out of his comfort zone and exploring different genres of music, which sets him apart from others.


Rah Banks is a talented musician who has a passion for music and a love for his daughter. With his unique style, versatility, and determination, he is sure to make a big impact on the music industry and culture in the coming years.