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Is Engjell Berisha is planning to launch a clothing brand?



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Engjell Berisha, owner of multiple brands, serial entrepreneur, young entertainer. If you haven’t heard of him yet, now is the time to learn some stuff from him. By the end of this article that will be a blast from the past. His recent Insta stories clearly showed that he is working on something new which is in cloth line. Also, it is revealed that he is going to name Euphoria to the clothing brand.

Engjell Berisha is a dropshipping entrepreneur who helped people to generate over $1 million in sales. By the time he was 15 years old, He is looking forward to generating also for his self the same results he could make for him students. His Instagram says: “I do e-commerce & Marketing | Press & Media. CEO of BlueEcom & BlueMcom, founder of multiple brands.

In a recent interaction with him, he mentioned why he wants to keep the new brand as Euphoria, read out what he had to say: “Hey guys, thanks for reaching out to me for this question, the reason why I’m calling my new brand Euphoria is for the reason that Euphoria was always something special inside me.

When I first started out my business my first business I started it with Euphoria without knowing if I will ever become successful and I think this happens to everyone, every time they start something new it doesn’t mean to only be a business, even when you first start falling in Love, start your new job, buy your first Car or House.

You always start it with Euphoria and this is the message I want to give anyone with the meaning of “Euphoria”, I want to tell everyone that everything in life is possible even if you start it with or without Euphoria you will always have success in every path on your life… And I want every time when someone wears my stuff to feel the power of Euphoria and not be afraid to experiment everything in their life. Peace out stay safe people, your boy Engjell,” he said.

His main motive is for people should feel better mentally. As the name suggests, being excited about something,  is the motive behind his new brand. Engjell is preparing to roll out a customer-friendly, comfortable and self-exciting range.