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Johan Feder: Everything About This French Music Artist Bringing a Revolution



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About John Feder

Born in November 1995 Johan Feder is not just a musical enigma but also a programmer, developer, and digital marketing expert. He is a multifaceted artist who has his own digital marketing company. Johan can be called a multi-talented young individual who has successfully shown his prowess as not just an actor, singer, songwriter, but also as a digital entrepreneur.

Early Life

Feder had an affinity towards music since the time he was only 10 and got motivated to play the piano. As years passed by, excelling at the piano, Feder at 17 years of age sought to explore many other musical instruments as well and learn them. This made him start learning guitar. As a kid, he was always shy and loved to play his tunes and music for himself. Since the beginning, Feder was also great at working on computers.

With a better knowledge of music and a passion for the same, after graduating from high school, Feder quit his studies and continued to learn things that interested him. In three months he then learned how to develop websites that led him to start his own business.


The fact that Johan is French, yet he writes and sings in English, is commendable. He is a man who is known to disrupt many genres. Johan quit his studies and taught himself how to develop websites, then he went ahead and created his own company.

His latest single “Shipwrecked” is gaining more and more momentum each passing day and has become a record-breaking hit that makes listeners feel many emotions and touches the deepest chords of their hearts. This beautiful track by Feder shows his deep emotions and his passion for music and has successfully touched people’s hearts through his soulful voice. His love for travel is also known to many. The 24-year-old young lad has influenced many other youngsters worldwide and is an inspiration to them as a multi-talented personality, enthralling people all over the world with his prowess in each field he works in.