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How Joshua J. Anderson ‘Richy Rich’ Built Multiple Six-Figure Businesses from Scratch



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About Joshua J Anderson

Early Life

Joshua J Anderson was born on August 9, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois, and also known as ‘Richy Rich’ currently lives in Beverly Hills, California. He grew up middle class, having ambitions far exceeding what he was meant for. No fancy cars or expensive houses. “I remember a friend of mine’s parents had a Benz and a BMW and I was in awe over it when I’d see them.”

One thing he knew was that he was meant for more, in school, he has forcibly removed from his honors/AP classes in high school because he didn’t do homework. He had a job in school, been working since he was 13.

I had my first business when I was 14; the American education system is dog shit and doesn’t understand that sometimes people have greater priorities because they don’t understand what your home situation is.

His mother kicked him out when he was 13 when her new husband gave her the choice between him or Joshua. She told him he’d never been anything but a failure and it was at that moment that he decided he wouldn’t stop for anything.

He had lived in a $300/mo apartment with a roommate and got evicted from the house because they couldn’t afford rent. He had done time in a third world prison, he started from the ground multiple times over.

I think my greatest feat was moving to Cali after being detained in Jamaica, $600 to my name 8 years ago.

I would’ve never thought that 5 years after that I would own a brand new Aventador Roadster, living in an $18,000/mo apartment and flying private around the country.
-Says Joshua

When did he know he found the right idea and how did he capitalize on it?

He knew he had the right idea when he began having fun with what he was doing.

“Once you find something you enjoy and it’s profitable, don’t lose sight of it because you don’t want to end up in a profession that leaves you miserable forever.”

What is Unique About Joshua’s Business?.

He founded a brand development company to help in the design and marketing aspects of startups across multiple industries — leveraging existing relationships to aid in product launch and exposure.

He also does options trading after the start of COVID that he is exploring as a potential business model to aid others in growing their net worth during the current state of instability.

His business helps develop brand designs, packaging, product development, and online presence.


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One of the greatest assets in business is relationships and the network you’ve cultivated, we’re able to leverage mine to help pilot brands with less hassle than most startups endure by cold approaching future clients.

Challenges faced in business

Instability is the biggest challenge when you start something new, especially when your livelihood depends on its success.

High risk, high reward, is always an exhilarating process consisting of long hours and sweaty situations. That’s also what makes starting a business fun — nothing is fun if it’s easy.

What differentiates Joshua from others?

“I like to see others succeed as much as I like to push for greatness — life is boring if you’re the only one winning, most people want to be in a power position so they can feel important. I’d rather everyone around me be elevated — that I feel is one advantage in terms of team building.”


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Competitively most people try to chase margins, he has always been the opposite. He prefers to chase quality and volume in anything he is doing. If it’s the retail space, you may make less per item but you’ll gain that back in excess due to volume. There are two sides to the coin and both methods work well for everyone, it’s dependent upon what your desired audience may be.

He does not want to be the cheap brand that anyone has access to due to the fact that we offer subpar products and services, but he also doesn’t want to be an expensive brand that’s only expensive because we’re charging 1000% margins. He operated around the belief of falling somewhere in the middle to where you’re just slightly more expensive than the cheap brand while maintaining the same quality as the elites.

‘Hemp2Go’ Joshua’s new brand

Hemp2Go’s hemp extract is derived from organically grown hemp plants at their state-of-the-art partner farms in the USA. Along with high-quality hemp extract, all of their vegan infused edibles are made from organic, non-GMO, 100% vegan ingredients. They contain no corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or any other harmful chemicals. A quick glance at their label shows that they’ve worked hard to curate the most natural ingredients possible, resulting in a truly pure experience.

Joshua Anderson is also famous for the valet incident at the Montage Hotel where he says he ‘watched valet manager joyriding’ in his half a million dollar sportscar’.