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Lenny Leong’s digital marketing guides: A road map to success



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This technological era has been characterized by very high dependency on technology on very many life aspects. The primary focus of this article will be on business. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have to integrate their enterprises with technology. One known way is digital marketing. Such people should be on the front line when pushing the digital marketing agenda. First of all, they should know what it is, followed by why it is important. Lenny Leong, a digital marketing guru, has given reasons why entrepreneurs should very strongly consider and implement digital marketing.

They are stated below:

Amicable customer relations

This means the use of appropriate channels to interact and engage with customers. As you are doing so, you are busy collecting information on needs and wants for strategic use. Lenny Leong encourages entrepreneurs to use the most appropriate channels depending on the situation. He also advises that the information obtained should be used strategically and professionally. He advises that email, social media, web, and blog marketing are the best when looking to foster amicable customer relations. He also emphasizes on building trust. Building trust among your customers is indeed a great way to grow their loyalty which in turn increases your sales. Engaging your customers frequently is key to updating them on your product improvements and also giving them a chance to provide feedback on the delivered products and services.

Unlimited number of customers

With digital marketing, we are talking about billions of users who are also potential customers. Of course, not all will be customers. But, a good number should, of course with the right techniques. Additionally, there are still many people joining social media daily. This makes the number of potential customers unlimited. For this reason, Lenny Leong’s advice to entrepreneurs is to capitalize on social media since there are billions of active and ready users. However, you need to choose a specific social media platform where you can engage more of your potential customers. You do not need to keep posting on every platform. Take time to know your customers and also identify the top social media platform where to find the most. This is also key to helping you determine your social media marketing efficiencies.

Increased efficiency in product delivery

Efficiency refers to reducing costs of business while maintaining and/or increasing revenues and consequently profits. One of the main entrepreneurship is to reduce business costs while making the most out of available resources. Digital marketing only makes the business environment more conducive for entrepreneurs. Hence, this is an idea that Lenny Leong advocates due to some of the best ROIs that it gives. Marketing is also more accurate in digital marketing. Apart from costs, you also get to save significant deals of time. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows instant customer feedback and responses. You also instantly get feedback about all your marketing through automation.

Strategy formulation

Digital marketing is instrumental in determining exactly what customers want. This irons out the possibility of guess-work that characterizes traditional marketing. With such crucial information, Lenny Leong advises all digital marketers to never compromise on professionalism while utilizing this data. This is due to the rampant privacy concerns today. Most importantly, he advises entrepreneurs to embrace the use of this data to personalize the satisfaction of their customers. Simply take time to learn what best suits your customers to get an idea of what to deliver. You will also know the kind of improvements that you need to include in your products.

Competitive advantage

This is every entrepreneur’s cup of tea. It is very possible to achieve this through a combination of proper strategic, cost, and customer relations management. Lenny Leong really stresses that for entrepreneurs to realize success, they must fully embrace digital marketing to remain relevant. This will ward off any weak competition. But, most business owners have embraced digital marketing in one way or another. Failing to do so only means you miss your share of the big cake unlimited online customers.

If only all entrepreneurs had the discipline to always do digital marketing, entrepreneurship would be an occupation more desirable than it is at the moment. Lenny Leong’s digital marketing guide is a road map to success. Follow Lenny on LinkedIn on Lenny Leong for more business tips.