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LiL MC’s Upcoming Album “Flex Maquina” Set to Change the Game for Women in Hip-Hop



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LiL MC is a multi-talented artist based in the Bay Area who is making waves in the hip hop scene. Not only is she a skilled rapper, singer, and producer, but she is also dedicated to empowering women in the industry. As co-director of the women’s empowerment program at the non-profit Hip Hop for Change, LiL MC teaches students about the female pioneers of the genre and their impact on the culture.

In addition to her work with Hip Hop for Change, LiL MC is also the co-founder of two powerful initiatives for women in hip hop. “Queens of the Underground” is an all-women underground hip hop showcase that celebrates the diversity of women-identified artists, including DJs, rappers, poets, and dancers. LiL MC also co-founded “The Bar Exam,” an all-women hip hop cypher designed to showcase up-and-coming female artists who may not get the recognition they deserve in the mainstream media.


LiL MC’s Own Success

LiL MC’s own career is on the rise, with a string of successes in the past year. She had a song placement in NBA 2k23 and was featured in the indie arthouse film “An Addict Named Hal.” She also had the opportunity to perform with Bay Area legends E-40, Too Short, and Nef The Pharaoh at the Smoked Out Spring BBQ in California. In 2022, LiL MC released just three tracks, but they outperformed her entire catalog combined. Her single “Don’t Negotiate My Price” received 120,000 streams on Spotify within two weeks, and her collaboration with Vel Nine, a female rapper from Los Angeles, even landed her on a billboard in LA.


Upcoming Album: “Flex Maquina”

LiL MC is gearing up to release her first full-length album, “Flex Maquina,” distributed through Produced by a Girl records and Equity Distribution. This cyber-punk inspired project features beats produced by LiL MC and executive producer Unlearn The World, who was featured in XXL Magazine. “Flex Maquina” offers an alternative to the hypersexualized sound of mainstream female rappers, showcasing LiL MC’s lyricism, songwriting abilities, production style, and versatility as she effortlessly flows in English and Spanish across a range of genres from trap to reggaeton to BoomBap.

Creative director Kaila Love, who was featured on ESPN and NBA 2K22, is creating unique cyber-punk inspired lyric videos and visuals for each track on the album, creating a immersive universe for listeners to enjoy. The lead single, “You Belong To Me,” will be released on January 27, 2023, so be sure to follow LiL MC on social media to stay updated on the release and subsequent visuals.


The Message Behind “Flex Maquina”

When asked about the inspiration for “You Belong To Me,” LiL MC shared that she wanted to address the negative impacts of drug use and hypersexualization in hip hop culture. As someone who has experienced sexual abuse and drug abuse, LiL MC believes it is important to accurately portray the realities of these experiences in her music. With “Flex Maquina,” she aims to create a more nuanced and authentic portrayal of women in hip hop, one that moves beyond the limiting stereotypes often perpetuated in mainstream media.