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Lyrical Melody – The Biggest UNSIGNED Artist to Ever Touch Earth



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For some people, their passion and purpose in life is like a seed planted deep within them. No matter how hard they try to suppress it, the more they water it, the more it grows. This is the story of Lyrical Melody, an artist who tried to run from her fate but eventually embraced it.

Discovering the Lane and Embracing the Soul

Lyrical Melody’s passion for music and writing was evident from an early age. However, it took some time for her to find her lane and embrace her soul fully. The artist mentions that everyone operates on their frequency and truth, and their uniqueness is felt through their music, words, and way of life.

Standing Out from the Crowd

When asked what makes her different from others in the same field, Lyrical Melody asserts that she does not need to explain it. Her music and the team’s magical process speak for themselves. Listening to her music, reading her words, and watching the artist perform, one can feel the frequency of her soul.

The Future of Lyrical Melody

In the next five years, Lyrical Melody sees herself touring all over the world, married with kids, and distributing quality vegan food. The artist is passionate about health and wellness and intends to implement mind, body, and soul products that are safe and taste good. Being a nurse for years, the artist wants to promote a healthy lifestyle for the collective human race.

Finding Motivation

Lyrical Melody is self-motivated and finds validation within herself. She is inspired by other artists who have shined their light and knocked down barriers for someone like her. Being from an old-school Haitian culture, the artist is also inspired by other Haitian artists who are crossing boundaries and cultivating avenues in America and other countries.

The uniqueness of Lyrical Melody

Lyrical Melody’s ability to understand things without seeking validation externally is what makes her unique. She vibrates on a higher frequency and is connected not only to Earth but also to the spirit and the cosmos. While others may relate to aspects of her soul, her truth is always different.


Lyrical Melody’s journey is an inspiration to many who are trying to find their passion and purpose in life. Her story shows that embracing one’s soul and finding one’s lane is crucial to living a fulfilling life. Through her music, Lyrical Melody hopes to inspire and touch the hearts of many while promoting health and wellness.