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The Three Ambitious Sisters of DN Global Pioneer the Future of Hair Care with Magics, an All-in-One Solution for Healthy and Sustainable Tresses



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Magics, the brand, and brainchild of Pooja Khistariya, Rati Rajabhai Kadegiya, and Sweta Godhania, has created a revolution in the world of hair care. The three ambitious and enterprising sisters launched the brand in loving memory of their departed sister and have since taken the market by storm.

Magics was founded in Porbandar, India, in September 2021, and since then, the trio has worked tirelessly to develop the best solutions for hair, skin, and wellness. Their product and market research has taken them across the globe, where they have gained a deep insight into the needs of the modern consumer.

Their strength lies in their traditional upbringing, combined with worldwide exposure to products, research, and markets. Spread between India and the United Kingdom, they thrive on the most delinquent analysis, best-in-class production facilities, and a deep insight into the needs of the modern consumer.

Their philosophy is to create wellness products that work, products that serve the pocket, and deliver tangible results. They take pride in the numerous customers across the globe who have experienced positive results through their haircare, skincare, and dental care products.

Magics is mastering Ayurveda and combining it with modern techniques to make products that are heroes in their categories. Their entire hair care range is just one product because it cures all hair issues. Their skincare and dental care are also minimal, creating products that do not confuse customers. Generally, every customer has more than one issue, and by creating a product like Magics, they solve the confusion of choosing only one type of shampoo while suffering from more than one hair issue.

Magics is the only brand on earth that has created an All-in-One Hair Care Product, which can be directly mixed into shampoo and solve all hair issues. The founders, Pooja Khistariya, Rati Rajabhai Kadegiya, and Sweta Godhania, are the first people on earth to develop such a product.

Their All-in-One Hair Care Product is 100% natural, vegan, suited for all ages and skin/hair types, cruelty-free, chemical-free, sustainable, and without side effects. It is the fastest hair growth product at the most affordable price worldwide, and it can cure any type of hair issue.

The trio’s mission is to make people feel beautiful and confident, and their passion for their work is evident in the quality of their products. Magics’ All-in-One Hair Care Product is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.