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Mahmoud Brothers Vision for The Ultimate Trading Experience



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Having a ‘vision’ is scarce in the marketing and currency trading realm, yet Hassan and Malik Mahmoud have a cause and an aforementioned vision to create a community to leverage trading experience globally. The brothers founded their company Digital Warriors to help people navigate the online trading industry during the pandemic, with reference to the surge of online working and learning during quarantine and lockdown periods. Digital Warrior’s goal is to help people worldwide in currency trading by offering advice through programs, complete with their visionary personal touch.

The brothers’ considered, when beginning the company, that if God had given them the skill-set to bring their goal to life and provided them with the fantastic idea of Digital Warriors, then they were morally obligated to bring it to life. They began by helping each other to thrive in the lockdown environment with online trading and expanded their idea from there to reach other people in need of assistance in currency trading in accordance with their mission. When naming the company, the brothers kept their faith in mind, and their core values of strength of character and not settling for less. When they landed on the warrior aspect of the name was perfectly encompassing of these. A warrior is historically a figure of strength, a caregiver, and somebody who refuses to back down. Hassan and Malik Mahmoud now liken their clients to warriors as they embody the traits of one.

“We believe there is a warrior in every human”, state the brothers. They believe that the true nature of people is to be brave in the face of risk and to always work hard for themselves and the ones they love, which is mirrored in Digital Warriors through the way in which they teach currency and marketing trading. The phrase “entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for less” is not only how the brothers see themselves, but also how they intend to make their clients in the future, with a specific goal of creating 5000 new currency traders globally via their company. The brothers’ vision has been shared by many reputable companies in forex and crypto trading and 7 figure online marketers, with their contributions obvious when Digital Warrior’s unique training programs for entrepreneurs are taken into account.

As Digital Warriors is based upon the aim of betterment in the trading experience, it is unsurprising that the company uses innovative training techniques that most currency trading companies neglect. Interacting with the trader or coach as a client in similar companies is unheard of, yet Digital Warriors offers a guiding hand in the form of a hands-on approach where the brothers offer personal tips and even allow mimicking of their income-revolutionizing techniques to assist clients. Q&As are another facet of this interaction and a great way of assisting clients individually. Furthermore, the company gives clients free exclusive access to their proprietary AI algorithmic software and to check in on wellbeing, gives clients weekly transformative human development calls with licensed practitioners.

Digital Warriors make sure to treat clients as individuals to help them make the most out of currency and marketing trading as possible and aim to revolutionize the number of people, and the way people trade online during covid-19. The company is accessible via its Website and Instagram to help all people and achieve their vision.