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Margarita Ortiz, Founder of ChelRita Designs, Shares Her Journey from Modeling to Entrepreneurship

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Margarita Ortiz, founder of ChelRita Designs, is making waves in the modeling and acting industry. With a passion for creativity and a drive to succeed, Ortiz has overcome countless obstacles to pursue her dreams. From being rejected by modeling agencies to dealing with poor management, Ortiz’s determination and perseverance have led her to where she is today.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Ortiz’s desire to become an entrepreneur stems from her need for financial freedom and flexibility. As a mom of an 11-year-old son, she values spending time with her family and securing their future above all else. “Being self-employed allows me to chase my dreams and aspirations while allotting time to be a mom and help him pursue his,” says Ortiz.

What Sets ChelRita Designs Apart?

Ortiz believes that her heart, drive, and determination cannot be taught. She brings a serious business side to her work while also being comedic, personable, and friendly, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for her clients. Ortiz’s work ethic is second to none, and she works harder than anyone she knows.

Looking Towards the Future

In five years, Ortiz sees herself having been in multiple shows and movies, some of which she plans to write and produce herself. She also hopes to be on the cover of multiple magazines, sharing her success story and inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Drives Margarita Ortiz?

Ortiz’s motivation comes from her personal struggles, including being starved as a child, homeless, and raising her son alone while struggling to get through nursing school with little to no money. Her hardships have kept her humble and focused on securing a better future for herself and her son.

The Unique Approach of Margarita Ortiz

Ortiz’s story is personal, and she trusts every step of her journey. She is determined to succeed and wants to use her success to help guide others like her. Ortiz is an extremely hard worker, and anyone who has worked with her can attest to her dedication and deserving nature.

With her passion for modeling and acting and her drive for success, Margarita Ortiz and ChelRita Designs are on their way to making a lasting impact on the industry.