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Meet Mati Marroni: The Social Media Influencer Who Strives to Empower Women



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Mati Marroni is a name that if you haven’t heard before, you certainly will soon. Marroni is a social media influencer, model, businesswoman, and brand builder. Aside from being a multifaceted model, Mati has gained a loyal fan base of nearly 300,00 followers on Instagram alone. The young star is utilizing her powerful social media presence to become an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and models across the globe.

About Mati Marroni

Mati is best known as an influencer, but her skillset expands far beyond marketing herself on social media. While constantly working to expand her social media presence, Marroni also uses her large platform to show other women it is possible to make something for yourself even if you come from nothing. She strives to help to teach models and aspiring models how to properly market themselves and monetize their platforms. Mati believes that anything is possible, especially in the age of social media where you can market yourself to millions of people around the world.

Early Life & Career

Despite becoming the successful entrepreneur and influencer she is today, Mati had to overcome countless obstacles. Mati first rose to stardom when she was just 16 after her social media content went viral. She consistently had photos of herself circulating the internet for having such a unique and beautiful look. Being so young in the social media world, with no one to guide her, she fell victim to those trying to exploit her. Back in 2017, her Instagram was hacked by an unknown person and she was never able to recover it. She has also had many people make impersonation accounts of her trying to make a profit off her look. With as many fake accounts of Marroni out there pretending to be her, she didn’t know what to do. When she turned 18 and became her own adult, she realized how much more of an influence she could really have. That is when she fully took it upon herself to help those around her and create a woman supporting women’s brand. Marroni wants to teach other women out there to not give up on their dreams. Mati is a prime example of what it means to fight for something you truly care about.


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She has also had to deal with many critics leaving mean comments on her photos. Mati said in an interview with us, “I learned to look the other way and not let it affect me because I’m proud of the way I look. I hope to teach and inspire women that look different than others that it is ok to fully embrace who you are and what you look like, even if you look different than others because that’s what truly makes us unique.”