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Matt Tommy helps aspiring sales professionals make 7-figure sales in a month



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The world of sales is all about the ability to capture the attention, imagination and interest of the buyer and in many ways, it ends up influencing lives. In business, success is found in influencing people to avail of the company’s products and services that will address their specific needs or wants. Matt Tommy, a sales professional, stands as a great example for it.

It is crucial to develop the ability to influence people because sales are the lifeblood of the economy. Without sales, there is no business. Fortunately for most aspiring entrepreneurs with coaching programs and agency owners, Matt Tommy offers the training and systems to help sell their products and scale their brands to their maximum potential.

Matt’s journey to and success in the world of sales started in 2017 when he left his job as a financial adviser for a bank and worked under some great sales trainers. This is where he got to learn some important tools and techniques to be a better salesperson and wanted to implement his knowledge as a sales professional.

From no experience in sales to earning in 7 digits

Even with minimal experience, a mentor took Matt under his wing as a salesman. Matt was eager to take action and figure things out, doing thousands of phone calls. Soon enough, he started to enter into the high ticket sales space just before it became the big movement that it is now.

In his career selling digital products, coaching programs, and courses, Matt has generated well over 7 figures in sales for his clients and is on is more than capable of increasing it in the coming years. Whether it’s with $500-$1,000 courses or $10,000-$20,000 coaching programs, Matt finds a way to connect to his audience and sell the product.

He has achieved these results in a variety of niches such as Amazon FBA, e-commerce, Shopify, digital marketing, virtual assistance spaces, Airbnb, and many more. In addition, Matt has also built multiple sales teams for these 7-8 figure entrepreneurs. His teams have enabled businesses to gross well over 6 figures each month.

For Matt,  Sales always was an attractive industry. He always saw the huge income and growth potential that sales create. Through his training, Matt helps others develop the creativity and resourcefulness necessary to generate sales successfully.

Following his framework allows his clients to master the skill of creating value and solving problems personalized to each target customer. This is one of the most important principles that Matt teaches and provides training for: how to think outside the box and avoid using bad or repetitive scripts. His mentorship continues to be the factor that separates high-level sales agents from average sales agents.

Matt offers custom-tailored sales placement with a commission-based salary. These performance closers have been proven to bring in 6-figure revenues each month for top-end entrepreneurs. He also provides sales coaching/consulting, drawing on his experiences to help entrepreneurs streamline every aspect of their businesses.