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Max Karg’s unique way of building a career around car sales



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What do you think about driving new cars for a living and do that around the coast of California? Windows down, your favorite song playing, an incredible beautiful Malibu sunset as your view, and the vehicle you are driving has that incredible “new car” smell. Well, Max Karg has managed to make this small aspect a career for himself, for he runs an automotive marketing business that consists of him helping car owners market and sell their vehicles.

He helps his customers understand the best value-for-money cars available for them in the market and comes up with the best possible solution. It’s not as if he does only driving new cars for a living, he monitors the sales, tries to take things to another level and whenever there is a chance, he does take leverage. 

“Most people who are looking to sell their car do not have marketing experience. They don’t know how to take great photos, write great ads for their vehicle, or market them on the proper platforms and marketplaces. Thankfully, they have me!” Max said. 

“I created a service where I essentially take plenty of high-quality photos, write a descriptive ad, and put their vehicle on all of the current platforms to get the most exposure possible. I make sure my clients’ vehicles are shown in the best light to the largest amount of prospective buyers possible.”

There are many crowded niches in the industry of marketing, but you’ve likely never heard of an “automotive marketer” before. Because of this, Max says that he is operating in a blue ocean right now.

Got into business by accident

“I got into this business really by accident, for I was working at a Dairy Queen, making minimum wage, and I needed a car. I bought my coworker’s vehicle for $800, and after fixing it up I actually decided to sell it to someone else. I made a small profit, which was more than I had been making at my job. Once I realized that I could do this over and over again, I decided to do just that,” Max explained.

“The issue that I ran into was that there is a cap on how many vehicles one can own in a year. So, instead of selling my own cars, I just decided to begin helping other cars others market their vehicles. This ended up being a very profitable business for me,” he said in an interview with Kivo Daily. 

Max Karg was always passionate about cars and to make a living through it. He also believes it is an obligation on his part to share that knowledge with the rest of the world. 

I want to see people doing work that they’re passionate about, whether it’s a side hobby/hustle, or their full-time gig. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this business model, and I recommend those who come across me to check out if it’s something that would work for them as well.”

Max constantly shares tips and advice on his social media, especially his Instagram, and if you want to give this business model a shot then you should definitely reach out to him. Given that he’s only 21 years old, he’s on a pretty solid path, and he’s definitely having plenty of fun at the same time.