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Meet Glenn Rheams: The Man Behind Young Black Bosses Productions LLC

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Glenn Rheams, a graduate of Glen Oaks High, has been making a name for himself as the proud owner of Young Black Bosses Productions LLC and Formula THC clothing brand. He has been actively promoting and developing artists through his production company, which includes a recording studio.

Glenn’s passion for music started when he became a party promoter, although he is not a musician himself. He has always been surrounded by music and artists, and it was through this experience that he found his calling in the music industry. Glenn is not just a manager, but a mentor who takes his time to develop and help artists book local shows. His strong connections with DJs and the club scene have helped him expand his network and create opportunities for his artists.

Young Black Bosses Productions LLC is an independent black-owned business that has been running successfully since 2014. Glenn has built it from the ground up, helping artists turn their dreams into reality. He takes pride in seeing his artists succeed and has already helped multiple artists get signed or further their careers, including Obn Jay, Truebleeda, Realbleeda, Geemoney, Shizzdolla, Jungle Muzik Larry, and many more.

Glenn’s long-term vision for Young Black Bosses Productions LLC is to expand to the rest of the southern region and help multiple artists become their own young black bosses. Coming from the hood and being less fortunate himself, Glenn understands the struggles of the youth and is dedicated to giving them something positive and productive to do with their time. He believes in creating opportunities and helping the youth succeed in life.

Glenn’s formula for success is Trust, Honor, and Creativity (THC). He believes in building strong relationships based on trust and honor, and nurturing creativity in his artists. He sees himself as a mentor who not only helps artists achieve their goals but also helps them start their own businesses.

Glenn Rheams is an inspiring figure in the music industry, and his dedication to helping artists and the youth has earned him respect and admiration. Young Black Bosses Productions LLC is a company that is here to stay, and we look forward to seeing more success stories under Glenn’s leadership.