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Nicola Smith Jackson: From an Overworked Hairstylist to a Billion Dollar Empire



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About Nicola Smith Jackson

Born in Hartford Connecticut, Nicola Smith Jackson is an entrepreneur, author, radio host, and an acclaimed expert in the Network Marketing Industry. She currently has a team consisting of tens of thousands in the financial industry with a worth of millions of dollars. She has also built a team of over 300,000 sales representatives in more than 30 countries. Nicola Smith shows how to move your business forward during the slow business days. Also, how to truly live your life.

Nicola’s Life

She had worked as an overworked hairstylist, was a college dropout, and now a serial entrepreneur. What made her change her switch her lifestyle was due to the 12-14 hour workdays and a lack of time and money for her family, which made her realize that this wasn’t what she wanted.

Being a mom of 4, Nicola needed to give much more time to her family, so she started searching for alternatives, and ended up getting involved in network marketing. Seeing the prospect of the billion-dollar industry, she turned her pains into a passion for helping people, and within her first full year in Network Marketing, she made her first million-dollar. She is a multi-million dollar earner and amongst the top 1% Network Marketers in the world.


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She promises to help people achieve their goals. Nicola has a heart of gold, her helping hands have shaped the lives of many in a positive direction, as she believes in keeping with her “people first” principles. She puts an emphasis and helps single moms pursue entrepreneurship to live a truly unlocked, and a lifestyle of freedom.

Nicola holds a strong Christian faith. She puts God first in every aspect of her life which has helped her succeed & defeat every hardship she had faced. We cannot just live on food for our body, we need food for our spirit too. A strong Christian knows the reality and severity of the works of the devil and understands the importance of developing a strong spirit to resist him.

Nicola Says: “In order to keep success simple we must go back and look at what we have done to reach success. We need to make sure that we are asking for what we need and looking for resources. Without asking for help and looking for the resources we may never become successful. With success, we must also knock on the door so that we may see what lies behind them because what lies behind those doors may be the key to our success.”

Power Start Your Day With Nicola Smith Jackson

Nicola also hosts a podcast  “Power Start Your Day With Nicola Smith Jackson” every morning where she coaches with her motivational speeches, tools, and resources to succeed. Power Start Your Day is a motivation and business education call that is designed to help achieve business success. It includes a wake-up prayer, motivational quotes, and education that delegates and brings positivity & peace to the person’s mind.


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In one of her podcasts, she also mentions a verse from the bible:

 Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Nicola’s Accomplishments

  • Entitled as Dame Dr. Nicola Smith Jackson, 2020
  • Instructor, Money & You® 
  • First Multiple 7-Figure Earner and the #1 income earner with the fastest growing team.
  • Earned the highest position of Senior Pinnacle Vice President in company history, 2019
  • Her team Currently Does $10 Million in monthly sales
  • Counted among  top 20 Network Marketers in the World
  • Inducted in the Million Dollar Hall of Fame as one of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing
  • Texas Women Empowerment Foundation (TWEF) 2012
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Canadian International Chaplaincy Academy (CICA) University and Seminary Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa), 2012
  • Southern Regional Director for Worldwide Association of Small Churches and Worldwide Association of Small Business
  • Chozen Awards 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year​​
  • Currently, she travels the world speaking to thousands on the topics, “Live and Die Rich” and “How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur While Being Spiritually Grounded”. She has dedicated her life to empowering others with opportunities and financial literacy to build wealth and legacies for families around the globe.

Her accomplishments aren’t limited to her awards only. She believes in helping others, she is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club where she mentors women on how to “Connect the dots between the haves and the have nots” through Prayer, Impact, Nurturing, and Knowledge.

“You have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe”

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