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Pandemic brings in a drastic change in frequent online search results across the country



Corona virus online search
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Earlier this year, well before the corona pandemic found its legs to spread across China, the most searched result on Google was the “Delhi Elections Result”, which was swept away by the Aam Aadmi Party. However, things have changed in the country and across the world since then and due to the lockdown, online search results too have seen a major change.

With most internet users heavily restricted to their homes to avoid spreading of the disease, people are searching for survival techniques which can keep them moving on. While a lot of the searches are with relevance to garnering daily essentials to their doorsteps, some of them are also searching different methods to carry out their daily jobs by sitting at their homes.

Here’s what India has been searching online the most since the lockdown kick-started.

1. Corona Virus

Any prizes for guessing the most frequently searched word in recent times? The deadly disease has left everyone wondering what it could do to them and a lot of people have been trying to understand its symptoms and repercussions online. It has been searched a whopping 1.6 crore times in the country in the last couple of months, a number which was less than 3000 in January.

2. Virtual Meeting Apps

Not many in the country were aware of the Zoom app before the lockdown began. But in drastic turn-around of events, the company has gone on to over-take some of the biggest MNCs in the world in terms of market capital (Zoom’s market capital worth is currently $31 Billion). People have been searching a lot for virtual meeting apps online to ensure their discussions are held in private with no breach in security.

3. Essential Items

A large chunk of the population currently have access to internet, smart phones and online payment apps, which resulted in a drastic rise in search of essential items online. Apps like Grofers, SuprDaily, BigBasket are really making merry of the situation and are listed very highly in recent search result rankings.

4. N95 masks

To protect themselves while they are out, government has advised its citizens to use masks and this led to the netizens searching a lot about the N95 masks. The N95 mask is more often used in hospitals and its availability wasn’t significant prior to the lockdown. This brought a sudden rise in its demand and also made in one of the most searched words on internet.

5. OTT platforms

With absolutely nothing left for most people to do, OTT platforms have been the biggest source of entertainment for everyone restricted to their homes. Search results for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar have gone up drastically as the citizens try to look for ways to spend their time.