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Zomato Co-Founder Pankaj Chaddah launches new mental wellness startup



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Mental wellness is a presently trending topic on the internet right now with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on mental health. Thankfully, promising new startup companies are stepping up to make the transition easier for everyone.

Zomato’s Co-Founder Pankaj Chaddah has got on the bandwagon as well, with new mental wellness startup Mindhouse that he founded with ex-Zomato Chief of Staff, Pooja Khanna.

Based out of Gurugram, the startup was launched in December last year with physical meditation workshops and studios. It has now shifted to the digital platform with the Mindhouse app to maintain social distancing norms of the post-COVID 19 era.

The app, available on Android and IOS aims at holistic mental wellness through customized meditation practices. Users can can choose activities depending on their specific goals – improve focus and concentration, fight stress, alleviate anxiety, help sleep better, or for everyday relaxation.

Co-Founder Pankaj Chaddah claims Mindhouse is a “singular, dedicated approach to mental wellness” in a press statement released by the startup company.

“Mental health has come to the forefront with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and the space has seen a huge surge in demand. While numerous other entities are offering solutions in conjunction with broader healthcare programmes, there is a very clear need for a more singular, dedicated approach to mental wellness, which is what Mindhouse is focused on.”

Pankaj had left his position at Zomato in March 2018 but continues to serve on the Board of Directors till date.

Mindhouse conducts live meditation and yoga classes in interactive online sessions that can be availed on the app. There are also extensive collections of pre-recorded audio and video content for self-guidance techniques.

The company hopes to retrace the same path that concepts like yoga and meditation have followed before – originating in India and getting embraced all around the world. Co-Founder Pooja Khanna revealed in the statement that they are eyeing the international market for Mindhouse in the near future.

“Online and offline channels will both help fuel this growth. Countries like the US have now reached similar penetration of meditation as Yoga, and India will get there very quickly. Globally, meditation is closely associated with India, and we think a great product from India can do exceptionally outside as well.”

Two of the biggest competitors Mindhouse will face in this sector are Cult.Fit, focused on yoga, sports workouts, and dance fitness, and Cure.Fit, focused on meditation learning and Pranayama. Both are verticals of Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal’s Cure.Fit, which has shifted to paid online classes as well owing to the pandemic. The Bengaluru-based fitness company is set to reach $1 million revenue by the end of this month from the same.