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PreTee P Boutique LLC: How Azha McNeil is Healing Bodies Naturally Through Holistic Remedies

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Azha McNeil, CEO of PreTee P Boutique LLC, has always had a passion for life, health, and the anatomy of the body. Her experience with the loss of her mother to metastatic cancer and her pregnancy with her daughter, Amora, sparked her interest in holistic healing. PreTee P Boutique LLC was born out of her desire to create products and remedies that heal the body naturally.

Crafted with Care

At PreTee P Boutique, the standard is to help as many people heal their bodies as possible. The products are affordable and specially crafted to ensure the best possible outcome. A lot of time, effort, and research is put into these products not mainly to receive a profit but to give people an alternative to European medicines and remedies. All of the products are made with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals as well. They have undergone clinical testing and have been adjusted based on customer trials.

Big Goals Ahead

PreTee P Boutique LLC is just the beginning of the product line. Azha’s vision is to open up wellness clinics around the world that will give people the alternative to what they may experience at a doctor’s office. The goal is to cure the issue and not treat the symptoms. The wellness clinics will be similar to a doctor’s office where people can receive holistic wellness treatments and cures, instead of treating common symptoms as a whole or with the same treatments. The aim is to administer individual healing plans. Azha plans to become a PA and work alongside other certified individuals who aim to heal the body holistically.

Natural Healing is the Key

PreTee P Boutique LLC is on a mission to help people get back to their true self by healing the body on a cellular level. Changing the way we eat and if/when we do get sick, healing our bodies by natural remedies. Azha believes that our food market today is genetically altering our DNA in such a way that our bodies struggle to heal itself. New diseases and illnesses are wiping out generations, and once we go to the doctor, they treat symptoms and don’t really cater to the individual as much as they should. Education is the beginning of change, and PreTee P Boutique LLC is passionate about small business and networking. They host events to spread the knowledge of health and wealth building, like the annual Health is Wealth Symposium for the community.

Product Line

PreTee P Boutique LLC’s product line includes products for all ages and genders. The products range from P-Fresh boric acid suppositories, Golden God male enhancement supplements, Vapor de Amor v-steams and love seats, Golden whipped Shea butter, PreTee Yoni eggs, PreTee Bomb bath bombs, Golden Aura natural deodorant, and Personalized Wellness teas.

Azha Mcneil

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Contact: Azha McNeil

CEO of PreTee P Boutique LLC