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Rickey Benjamin Jr: CEO Of Sliickks Silkys Is Making Waves In The Industry

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Rickey Benjamin Jr (Also known as SliickkDaPlugg), CEO and founder of IYH, Sliickks Silkys, DXPE Collective, and co-owner of AboveUnique, is a 32-year-old entrepreneur, DJ, producer, and artist from New Jersey with a Caribbean background. Born and raised in New Jersey, Rickey draws inspiration from his mother, who is from Dominica, and his father, who is from Antiqua.

When asked what made him want to become an entrepreneur, Rickey stated, “I got tired of giving other people my time.” He goes on to say that what sets him apart from others in the industry is his strive, ambition, and passion for stepping outside the box and pushing beyond his comfort zone.

Rickey envisions a bright future for himself and his companies, stating that in five years, he sees himself with multiple businesses, traveling the world with his family, and living the lives they’ve worked hard for.

When asked about his motivation, Rickey cites his kids, family, and those who have supported him since day one as key inspirations. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of self-motivation and self-belief.

Rickey sums up his unique qualities and approach as, “I AM A VIBE. That confidence alone speaks volumes.” He believes that what sets him apart is the way he does things, stating, “there might be everyone else out there doing it but it’s a difference when Sliickkdaplugg does it.”

As an entrepreneur, Rickey is driven by his passion for creating and pushing boundaries and is motivated by the people and experiences that have shaped his life. With a clear vision for the future and a unique approach to his work, SliickkDaPlugg is definitely one to watch in the industry.