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Rising Artist Slizzy Sleezz on Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Success in the Music Industry

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West Macon-born Slizzy Sleezz is a rapper who has been making music for the past five years. In a recent interview, the talented artist shared his story and offered insight into his experiences in the music industry.

Name Origin

Slizzy Sleezz’s name comes from two sources: Sleezz from his frequent jail stays and a slick personality, and Slizzy for a reason that he is keeping secret for now.

Struggles and Challenges in the Music Industry

Slizzy Sleezz acknowledges that his past can sometimes scare people away from working with him, but he is determined to overcome these obstacles. He also finds it challenging to find people who are as dedicated to their craft as he is, especially during the early stages of his career.

Creating Process

Slizzy Sleezz’s creative process involves meditating to clear his mind, listening to beats and recording himself until he finds a flow, and then writing lyrics on top of the flow. He also touches on the importance of staying true to oneself and not compromising one’s creative vision.

Inspirations and Advice

Slizzy Sleezz cites Boosie and Yungeen Ace as his inspirations, and he also cites himself as an inspiration. His advice for anyone who is starting out in the music industry is to be consistent and never give up, even if it takes 10 years. He also advises young people to stay away from drugs.

What to Expect from Slizzy Sleezz in 2023

Fans can expect Slizzy Sleezz to bring elevation and demonstration to the music industry in 2023.