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Rising to the Top: Zel’s Unique Journey in the Music Industry

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Zel, also known as Denzel, is a talented musician who grew up in Detroit, where he was surrounded by drugs and loyalty. Despite the challenges, Zel developed a passion for music and has been writing songs since he was 11 years old. In this interview, Zel talks about his journey, what sets him apart from others in the music industry, his future plans, and what motivates him.

What Made You Want to Become a Musician?

Zel has always had a love for music and writing songs. However, he didn’t have access to a recording studio until his friend, Khill, showed him the ropes. Since then, Zel has been on a mission to make a name for himself, pouring his heart and soul into every song he creates.

What Makes You Different from Other People That’s Doing the Same Thing as You?

Zel’s work ethic is what sets him apart from other musicians. He’s been writing music for years, and his dedication and perseverance have never wavered. Zel’s friend, Khill, has seen his work ethic firsthand and knows that Zel is going to be successful. Despite early criticism from others, Zel never lost faith in his abilities and has continued to work hard to achieve his goals.

Where Do You See Yourself or Your Company in 5 Years?

Zel has a clear vision of where he wants to be in 5 years – in LA, smoking a cigar, and reflecting on his success. Zel is determined to continue doing what he loves and has no plans of slowing down.

What Motivates You?

Zel’s motivation comes from within. He recently graduated from college and is engaged, which has given him a new sense of responsibility. Zel wants to make sure that he’s providing for his family and is doing everything he can to achieve his goals.

What Makes You and What You Do Unique?

Zel is constantly getting DMs from people who believe that he has a lot of potentials and is extremely talented. Zel’s confidence has grown over time, and he believes that he’s on the cusp of becoming a major player in the music industry. Despite the success, Zel remains grounded and is grateful for everything that he’s been given.

In conclusion, Zel is a musician who has overcome many obstacles to pursue his passion for music. He’s a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, and his future looks bright. With his talent and motivation, there’s no doubt that Zel will achieve his goals and become a major player in the music industry.