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Robert Eason is saving the planet with his Solar Company ‘GOSO Technologies’



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Climate change is real and has been affecting everyone around the globe. The rate with which the water level is rising, along with the record-breaking rise in temperature, is alarming.

The excess use of oil, plastic, and deforestation has made the earth unstable. It is resulting in an unbalanced climate throughout the globe, and the number of Tsunamis, Cyclones, Floods, and other natural disasters is increasing annually.

According to a recent study, if humans do not change their lifestyle, it is only a matter of a few decades before everything is lost. In such a time of need, finding a solution that not only saves our planet but also helps us to sustain life on earth is crucial. One such solution is Solar energy, which has been a potential ‘green’ candidate to replace pollutant-based electricity generation sources.

Robert Eason’s Concept

Solar energy is based on the concept of using light energy from the sun to support life on earth. It is a renewable energy resource and positively supports the environment while sustaining life. Solar energy was first theoretically discovered back in 1839, and with the development of science and technology, the efficiency of Solar systems has increased exponentially. Solar energy is being used in almost every industry throughout the world, from powering houses, cars, and factories to various public sectors. Due to the sun’s easy accessibility, Solar is more likely to impact the climate positively than any other renewable source.

About Robert Eason

Robert Eason, the founder and CEO of GOSO Technologies, is a firm believer in the power of solar energy. He is actively assisting the restoration of our planet by converting home and business owners to solar. He comes from a religious and high-achieving family. His father was a devoted pastor and missionary, while his mother was a social worker. Both parents impacted Robert’s perspective about the world. He also desired to change and help people around the world. Robert’s father was a graduate of Harvard Business School; first in his academic class, and always promoted the idea of chasing dreams and becoming an entrepreneur. Robert lived his whole life under the shadow of an overachieving family. From a young age, he was determined to make it on his own and prove his worth.

Robert Eason’s Life

Life was not easy for Robert as he faced major challenges in college. He was struggling in his life and trying to find something that motivated him and helped him build his career. While shifting jobs, he discovered his talent for sales. He was known as a top performer by all his employers. Robert stumbled upon a company selling residential solar in need of a salesman. Solar technology appealed to Robert as this was an incredible opportunity to work on futuristic technology while contributing to saving the earth.

While working and understanding everything about the Solar panel business, Robert realized that he had to go solo to change the world and his life. In January 2020, Robert took a bold move in the middle of the pandemic and started his own Solar panel company with a focus on developing more efficient technology. He still maintained his job as a salesman during this initial period, and after breaking all records of his company’s sales, he resigned and shifted towards entrepreneurship.

Robert was destined to rule the world of Solar, and as predicted, he gained outstanding success. According to Robert, ‘Solar is not only a high-ticket product that allowed me to grow my sales skills, but also it is something that is going to save the planet. There is no better product to sell than solar. Learning to automate the business is what allows me to continue to grow and add more to my plate.’

Robert’s organization, GOSO technology, is praised for its reliability and quality standards. It has gained a 5-star rating on Google and is providing affordable Solar panels to the residential sector throughout the United States. They are dedicated to helping their clients navigate the nuances of both Solar technology and the regional rebates that make it affordable.

Their business is built on their reputation for being able to determine the efficiency and efficacy of Solar systems in specific scenarios and implement them effectively to maximize gains. Their incredibly devoted team is always available to guide their clients and help them find the best and most efficient method to harness Solar energy.

Solar panels are the need of the hour. As the world and ecosystem descend into a progressively dismal state, people like Robert are trying to spread awareness and save the planet. Robert has always ensured that he delivers the most efficient and cost-effective solar panels, with an intention to preserve the planet rather than profiteering from the need.

The world truly needs more individuals like Robert, who propagate and promote the use of Solar energy. There is no doubt that Solar energy, a clean, natural, and healthy resource, is one of our only long-term solutions to protecting and preserving the world we live in. It is time for us to unite and embrace it as our only means of preserving the human race in the upcoming future.