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How Athlete Steven Warner Made 6-Figure Futures For His Colleagues



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About Steven Warner 

Steven Warner encompasses a tremendous amount of skill and value within a relatively short lifetime. A D1 college athlete turned true real-life entrepreneur, Steven works at American Life Insurance (AO) and has taken part in securing the financial future for thousands of families throughout his career there. Between all his financial endeavors he pictures his annual earnings to be a quarter-million or more, while some might think this is GREAT, to Steven, it’s only part of the equation, as he places a huge emphasis on team building and enriching the lives of his colleagues along the way; training multiple 6-figure earners coming from all walks of life. Steven believes that every human being has something of value they can bring to your life, and this has to lead to his leadership role at AO constantly working to enrich the lives of others, much like he did back on the field in college for his teammates. I had the pleasure of interviewing Steven and exploring some of the reasons behind his success and where he pictures the business and his life going in 2021.

Where It All Started

What do we want to do when we grow up? This age-old question, that some people even halfway through their lives don’t find the answer to. Growing up playing sports and having a team mentality, AO was a logical step in his career because he quickly realized that when you built your team and others up before yourself in this business, it leads to greater financial success. A true full-circle effect. Steven says “My career didn’t start till after college. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue I just knew I wanted to change my trajectory, make money by helping people and surround myself with people I could consider family.” Just working hard and going with the flow lead to where he is now. Along the way he says that he was, “…always drawn towards working with people with a vision and positive mindset. Individuals that have had to overcome adversity. Blue and Pink collar workers who just need an opportunity to showcase their work ethic and making them great.”

What About Your Team Makes It All Possible?

 Team-work makes the dream work, Steven says that “The Team I work with and my vision to make it happen, I can’t say enough about the leaders who I have been lucky enough to associate with. When you have everyone focused on a common goal you create a winning atmosphere anyone would thrive in. We are also really relatable, regular people coming together to make to do extraordinary things.” Steven has a clear belief in the power behind hard work and every person’s ability to be great. With all the success for himself and others, I asked Steven if it was easy to get to where he is today, he responded “Absolutely not, I had to figure out and teach myself so much. If I knew what I know now when I started I feel like I would be an “overnight success” but life isn’t built that way and the experiences I get to pass along to others are well worth what it cost me. I just want to help others get there faster.”

2020 & Beyond For Steven Warner At American Life

2020 radically changed the way we work and conduct business, between Zoom calls and the lack of a commute due to no offices, it’s streamlined virtual sales and allowed workers that went online during the pandemic to truly thrive and dominate. Especially in an evergreen niche like life insurance, Steven has prospered and created a long-term reliable income source for himself and his colleagues. I asked him if it’s changed things and or made it easier to conduct business. “100% it has, it has allowed me to connect with like-minded people all over the country to help push us all forward. My business went digital which gave me time and location freedom. I know it was rough for so many, but we were able to adapt and grow like never before.” Steven says. 

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