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Travis Blakely aims to change the world through social media



Travis Blakely
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Social media is seen as a tool to connect with a wider range of audiences these days and with every passing day, the mediums of connectivity are getting better. While many use this platform to thrive in their business, some people try to change through these mediums.

Entrepreneurs like Travis Blakely are the best examples to say that social media can be used to change the world, one business at a time. Travis has learned all the tricks and useful tips that made social media a powerful tool. He invested a lot of time and energy to understand the intricate details of social media and now is keen on sharing his knowledge with those who want to.

Travis Blakely’s early childhood

Travis grew up in a children’s home. Unlike most people, he didn’t have parents or any place where he could belong. His struggles never really stopped him, it just made him a lot more strong mentally.

He is a perfect example of “Rags to riches”. Travis Blakely has shown and continues to show people around the world that the circumstances under which you grow up don’t have to define you. Hard work is the only thing that matters if you’re determined to make it big.

Travis discovered the power of social media and realized that he could use it to his advantage. Social media is a platform that brings people together. While most of those people want a place to relax, vent their frustration, or interact with other people, a large group also use the platform to find products they need. He tried to understand the various needs of social media on a daily basis.

This means that businesses have an opportunity to drive those people towards their brands and this is partly why Travis became a social media strategist. Using personalized content, he wanted to help those businesses reach those people through honest means. By doing this, Blakely helps both consumers find products quickly, and businesses make more money.


Blakely took a different approach to social media and managed to thrive in it. Instead of taking everything at face value, he managed to invest in studying and understanding the algorithms that determine the success of social media usage. He continues to learn those algorithms because of their dynamic nature.

This way, he can give clients updates solutions that are guaranteed to work. This strategic approach is what constitutes one of Travis’ achievements. The fact that he also ensures he understands his clients to give them a customized approach that leads to a better understanding and long business relationship between him and his clients.

Travis Blakely has managed to work with some of the big names in the social media industry. Names like Jay Shetty, Lewis Howes, and Tom Bilyeu are known in the digital entrepreneurship industry, and they are reputable. They are some of the clients Travis Blakely has helped succeed in their various businesses. These names are mostly known to be motivational speakers, and by helping them, Travis believes that he is helping change the world.

Operating under the motto of “affecting positive change by providing the tools of online media to influencers that are helping the world move forward and be a better place,” this company is believed to be the face of the future. Through it, Travis is setting a trend that other companies will follow in a bid to make the world better.