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Wireless earbuds alternatives you should consider to avoid burning a hole in your pocket with Apple AirPods



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Ever since the Apple AirPods hit the market in 2016, they managed to crash down the business of some major players in the sounds and electronics departments. The sale of various headsets and earphones came down with the emergence of this new product from Apple, with brand loyalty doing what it usually does.

This is one area where Apple dominates the market like no other, their customers are way too loyal, who ensure their market share always remains sky high. However, for all those who aren’t brand loyal and are keen on exploring other good alternatives of the same type, here are some of the best options available in the market currently.

1. RealMe Buds Air

This Chinese mobile manufacturing company was established less than two years ago, but they managed to make their presence felt in the market. Besides their mobiles, they also came up with “Buds Air” bluetooth earphones which are relatively cheaper and almost provide you the same experience. At INR 3,999/-, The earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0, dual mic for calling, the new R1 chipset, and of course, a wireless charging case.

2. PTron BassBuds

With great specifications, such as Bluetooth v5.0 technology, and are capable of connecting in the range of 10 metres, Ptron BassBuds are available at a range between INR 900-2500. The company claims that the buds last closely 3 hours after one charge and 120 hours per every full charge.

3. Noise Shots X-Buds

With bluetooth 5.0 and nearly 16 hours playtime after a full charge, Noise Shots X-Buds are available in the market for INR 3,799 and is considered one of the best and underrated options available. They have a an app dedicated to it alongside USB Type-C control and touch controls.

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds

For most of the brand freaks, Samsung has either been a second option after Apple or a numero uno choice given they don’t like IOS-supporting products. The Galaxy buds reduced its prices from INR 13,999 to INR 9,999 with its latest version, which offers six hours battery life and its buds are lightweight, making it very comfortable.

5. JBL Tune 120TWS

There’s no denying that JBL still has great goodwill in the audio market and will continue to command the attention with every product release. Their recent product, Tune 120TWS, come in with Siri and Google Now interrogations. They also provide 1 hour service in a 15-minute charge and a 16 hour service after a full-charge. This is available at INR 6,499/-, which perhaps makes it the est choice after Apple in the market.

6. Xiaomi AirDots S

Just before the COVID-19 went out of control, Xiaomi AirDots S entered the market at an approximate price of INR 1,100 in China (No announcement was made as to how much it would cost in India). Yet, this is one product to keep an eye on with key features of the product including Bluetooth 5.0 support, 7.2mm drivers, IPX4 water resistance rating, and they weigh 4.1 grams.