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Work from home proving to be a big struggle for employees due to slow internet



Work from home
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The pandemic has resulted in the whole country restricting themselves to their homes, with schools, colleges, and workplaces getting shut down. While work from home is proving to be beneficial in a few ways for the employees, who don’t have to travel long distances to reach their offices, the current situation is mostly proving to be a disadvantage for them.

The employees are used to working with high-speed broadband connections in their workplaces and it is getting difficult for them to do similar works at home where internet connection isn’t as fast as their offices. While April data is awaited, one analysis of Trai’s MySpeed app has shown that median download speeds in March were the lowest in the two years since the app started tracking speeds – and down 34% from February.

Another major hindrance for a lot of employees is the unavailability of wifi at home, which is making them work on mobile data, which is even worse. This facet directly impacts the productivity of organizations and as it stands, the IT sector is the one that is suffering the most now that there is a clear difference in the demand and supply curve of internet usage.

Mobile data usage comes down drastically

Many studies earlier suggested that students are the ones who use mobile data the most and now that most of them are restricted to their houses, they prefer using the internet through their wifi setups. Due to this, mobile data usage has come down drastically and interestingly, overall usage of data has gone up by a big number.

One mobile broadband traffic index found a whopping 47% jump in overall data traffic in India in 2019 while its global rank on mobile broadband traffic remained well below 100 – trailing even neighbors like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal. This situation might not change in the coming few months with social distancing norms expected to be in picture till September.

Having good telecom infrastructure is the backbone of any organization across the globe and lack of good telecom facilities could result in India falling behind in various streams, given the pandemic, the situation continues for a longer duration. However, government intervention through suitable vision and incentives can bring about a change in the scenario.