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Young.B Mr.901: The Unique Voice Bringing Finesse to Hip Hop

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Tipton County rapper, Young.B Mr.901, has released his latest project, ‘Legacy,’ featuring Jadakiss. The album is a testament to Young.B’s talent and growth as an artist, showcasing his unique sound and versatility.

Early Beginnings and Solid Foundation

Young.B began his music career in 2008, releasing mixtapes and gaining a virtual buzz with his unique sound. His first successful single, ‘Wham,’ was released in 2008, followed by ‘Supa’ in 2012. The latter gained enough traction to land full rotation at Memphis’ Hot 107.1 FM radio station.

Recognitions and Nominations

With an undeniable consistent work ethic, Young.B has been recognized as a nominee for the 2012 Knocdown SCM Award’s Bout to Blow Artist of The Year and nominated for Album of the Year at the 2019 Atlanta Independent Awards for his second installment of Julius Erving 2 hosted by Dj Ya Boy Earl.

Motivation and Unique Sound

Young.B’s motivation comes from the challenges he faces as an independent artist, wanting to provide for his family and future generations. He takes pride in his unique sound, not limiting himself to one lane of music and using his voice as an instrument to create whatever he feels.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Young.B sees himself becoming one of the top dominating artists in the game and breaking generational curses while starting generational wealth for his family. He plans to grow as a brand and pivot to open up new doors and opportunities, not only for himself but for others as well.

‘Respectfully’ Featuring Jadakiss

Young.B’s latest project, ‘Legacy,’ features Jadakiss in the track ‘Respectfully.’ The video for the single is set to drop tomorrow, showcasing the rapper’s growth and evolution as an artist.

With an undeniable talent and work ethic, Young.B Mr.901 is a rising star in the rap game. His latest project, ‘Legacy,’ is a testament to his unique sound and versatility, showcasing his potential to become one of the top dominating artists in the industry.