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Young entrepreneur Alejandro Rioja has mastered the SEO tactics to optimum effect



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Alejandro Rioja’s career as an entrepreneur started Flux Chargers, the best selling portable charger in over 90 countries, in a college dorm. He then built it up to $110k/mo in revenue using novel Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, which shook the industry professionals.

The Flux Portable Charger comes with built-in cables for both iPhone and Android and has received enviable press, including a #1 worldwide rank by Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends, Engadget and other major publications. People can only wonder how he got to this point.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Alejandro came to the US to study Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles where he started Flux Ventures (including Flux Chargers, Flux.LA and Flux Capital). He currently works on the Growth team at Samsara. He also owns nine blogs that get a viewership north of 300k every month.

Alejandro now serves as a board member for all subsidiaries under Flux and is also a small investor in Everipedia and Snapwire. In his spare time, Alejandro raps under his alter ego @YoungSlacker, trades stocks, and options, and manages his nine blogs with a team of VAs located all around the world.

Alejandro’s SEO tactics have been covered in over 100 blogs and are known within the industry as one of the most comprehensive guides. His guide on how to increase website traffic is one of the most-read posts on his blog. His latest project, Future Sharks, receives 50k readers each month and features entrepreneurs from all walks of life. He is doing the same with Authority Daily.

“People overestimate the time it takes to learn a skill”

For Alejandro, spending almost 14 hours per day working almost feels like a dream. The man is very passionate about what he does and is keen on developing himself further. As he is always focusing on bettering himself on a daily basis, he isn’t much worried about competition.

”People overestimate the time it takes to learn a skill and thus are fearful to learn. Any entrepreneur should be honing his or her skills and learning new ones on a daily basis to keep up with the competition,” he says.

He stresses the importance of using the information that is readily available for everyone on Youtube or Google. Through dedication, and a desire to improve yourself, there is enough information out there to transform an average entrepreneur into a stellar one. It just takes determination and perseverance.

Having grown Flux from $0 to $110k/month, Alejandro is ready to dominate any and every industry. He is working nonstop, sometimes seventeen-hour days, to guarantee that Flux becomes a worldwide brand, and transforms the world.